Travel essentials


I’m not a light traveller as much as I want to admit that I am. Light-packing was the skill I wished to master long before I had Abigail. And now that I’m a mother, it sounds even more impossible. I’m that kind of  “I just have to bring everything” mama.

So, here are a few things of my travel essentials. The things that I wear and I put in my backpack. So what I always take along as well but not pictured are: diapers, 2 sets of changing clothes for Abigail, wet tissue, wallet, and hat. Abigail has her own bag for her stuff like toys and food.


We’re going for a little adventure this coming weekend and we’re so thrilled!

On redecorating living room shelves

Living room shelves then…


and now…


People say that one’s personality is pictured from their homes. If that’s the case, maybe we’re the moody type. Or probably dynamic? Well yes, I admit that I get bored quite easily. Things are always changing around our place. We like experimenting with things. On our regular visit to IKEA (at least once a month), my husband usually says “you know, I’m gonna change our …. with this” so he comes home with a handful of stuff and DIY everything right afterwards until midnight. And as soon as I wake up in the morning, I often get surprised with a few changes around the house. And me, whenever Linoluna is having new arrivals I usually say “this is lovely! it will look good here (any part of the house), I’m gonna change … with this”. Haha. I guess one of the perks of running a home decor store is that you get to experiment with the stuff at your very own place. Haha.

So, one corner around our house that often gets changed and redecorated is the shelves in our living room. It used to be very very vibrant with pops of colours everywhere. And then came Christmas, it was all in Christmas mood. Now, it’s in this monochrome colour tone. Black-and-white dominated with just a very little bit of colours. And this morning I told my husband that I’m going to change it again soon, which he seems okay with. I’m thinking about pastel tone but it still isn’t final. We’ll see…

Favourite Yarn: Drops Paris



I’m actually quite adventurous when it comes to trying out new yarns. And from the many I’ve tried, Drops Paris is my most favourite so far! It is 100% cotton, Aran weight. I love it especially because of the wide range of colours in which all of them are pretty! Very suitable for someone who likes experimenting with pairing-colours like me. This yarn is best used for home decor and interior projects. I get them from Wool Warehouse and so far it’s the best online store selling crochet supplies.

Abigail on a train





Upon deciding whether to travel by plane or by train , I had a few doubts on the latter at that time with Abigail. Firstly, it was just a few days after her being weaned and she was not in her best mood during those days. Secondly, she was at her most active age and got bored quite easily. However, we gave this train idea a go anyway. Abigail is crazy about Choo Choo train she always screams in excitement every time she finds Choo Choo anywhere around. Thus, she was so excited and surprised. We took a morning train from Jakarta to Semarang. It was a 5.5 hours journey. And it was a night train when we got back to Jakarta from Yogyakarta, which took about 6 hours. Abigail slept half of the journey on the morning train and she slept through the night we we got back to Jakarta.

Abigail is an easy little traveller so far, I hope I don’t jinx it. She loves when we’re on a journey anywhere. Even a car journey is enjoyable enough to her. Haha! In the beginning of the year we took her on a 12-hour car journey to Cilacap and to my surprise, it was almost hassle-free. She enjoyed it. She got bored easily when we’re at home, in a restaurant, in a shopping mall, and anywhere (except playground) but not on a journey. Haha. As long as we have enough snacks and bring her latest favourite toys, she will be good.

I hope as she grows, she becomes adventurous and fond of travelling. Because travelling makes us rich in experience, indeed.

Abigail Lately


IMG_8339 IMG_8341

She stopped nursing a month after her second birthday. It has been three weeks now. The first three days were very, very tough and emotional to me as her mama. Yes, it hurt but I remember fellow mamas told me that consistency was the key. Also, I must admit that my husband came as the biggest help too. He took her to sleep every night and tried every possible thing to distract her from nursing. And after those first three days, things got easier. It wasn’t as hard as I had imagined so I guess we were just ready for that.

And now she is able to sleep through the night. Also, she gains her eating appetite now. Even after big meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) she will ask for snacks. Note to me to always stock up the fridge. Haha!

She is a very chatty little girl (except when meeting new people). Our house just gets more lively although, yes, it gets more challenging as well. She is not an early talker, but it surprises me that this past week her vocabulary has been increasing very rapidly. Even some of the words are very, very clear. She just keeps trying to talk and communicate. I’m proud of her.

Also, it’s very interesting to see how her little personality grows. She says please when she wants a favour, and thank you afterwards. And mama’s heart melts just like that.

This 2 y.o is now more fun to play with. We have more play-pretend and crafting sessions together. She gains more interest and is able to engage in any activity longer than ever before.

Well, yes we’ve had bad days, too. And tantrums. My short-temper burst out quite a few times because I’m not a patient mama at all.  However, recently I’ve been trying to get her talk about what she wants and express her feelings. I’m glad she’s making progress. I also need to listen more. And trust me, a simple hug after each meltdown is the most relieving moment ever. She is very quick to forgive and as an adult, I need to learn a lot from my daughter’s little forgiving heart.

I love you, Abigail. I thank God that I’m your mama and you’re my daughter.

p.s Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mothers in this world.