Linoluna Store is open!

IMG_9843IMG_9842IMG_9837IMG_9839 IMG_9836Finally all those sleepless nights paid off. The weeks and days prior to the opening were not easy for us and the fact that I was never really good at handling stress prior to deadlines just made it even worse. However, we’re so thankful that we have a great support system from both sides of our families. Their helping hands meant so much to us, especially when my husband was not in town because he was on duty and I had this 2 year old girl in tow that needed all my attention. We couldn’t have done this without them.

So, we’ve participated several times in events/ bazaars and after seeing how things went, we’re challenged to open a permanent store. Thus, a few months back we made a decision to open one. We know that this will change our life a lot in both good and bad ways but we are passionate about this business and hopefully this little thing called passion will keep us going even when things get rough.

Just like everything in life, this teeny tiny shop is and will forever be a work in progress. We hope you’ll always be inspired.

Please come visit our store:


Lippo Mall Kemang LG-26
Jl Pangeran Antasari no 36
Jakarta Selatan 12150

July picks: Grid obsession


1. Modern Decorative Pillow, LoveJoyCreate // 2. Children’s Apron, Pink and Black Grid, RadishBalloon // 3. Cactus Art Print, SeventyTree // 4. Rifle Paper Co. Graph Notepad, Linoluna // 5. MT Hougan Washi Tape, Gudily // 6. Grid Stripe Tea Towel, Leif // 7. Vintage Girl’s Dress, diaphanousvintage // 8. Nice Socks Grid, niceniceniceDE // 9.  Grid Baby Moccasins, ullaviggo

It’s legit! I’m currently obsessed with anything that comes in grid pattern so picks of this month must be all about grid. Grid and stripes are my all time favourite patterns.

DIY Tiny Doll House





You know, I’m all about anything in miniature size and I had dreamt of making a doll house for my daughter one day and yeayy I nailed it! So, a few weeks ago I heard that Living Loving was going to hold a “tiny doll house making” workshop and I quickly registered myself to get a seat because I just had to with this class! Last Saturday was the day and I enjoyed it that much. It was supposed to be a 3-hour-class but everybody was so into it and totally forgot the time. As a result it turned out to be a 6 hour class and nobody seemed to fuss about it. The class was led by Living Loving and Puri of Ideku Handmade.  A complete story of the day was posted here.

So, Abigail was so surprised when she saw this doll house for the first time. She was so excited! And it melted my heart. She couldn’t get her hands and eyes off of it all day and night. However, her curiosity reached the highest level that she decided to pull everything, all the furnitures and wallpaper. Long story short, it was destroyed. Haha. Well, kids. So, pictures above are the second version because I remade everything after she destroyed the previous one. The one that I made during the workshop was this one here. But I took it seriously with this second one. My husband helped me with some advice on colours and layout. I’m happy with how this turned out. Fingers crossed this one will last much longer. I probably need to keep my eyes on her while she was playing and put everything back afterwards. Haha.

Everyday skin care


I have a dry and sensitive skin. During my teenage years, I was that girl whose skin was prone to acnes. Dermatologist visit was very frequent and I was a loyal to the products and the treatment. Trying the off-the-counter products was not a option because most of the attempts would only result in another breakout moment. However, I have stopped completely since when I was pregnant and nursing. For practical reason, I now just take the department store products and actually find joy in browsing, reading the reviews and finally trying them. Well, I can’t claim my skin is at its best now because it really is not. However, these skin care products are what I’m currently using and quite happy with because they work well so far (my skin is normal-dry):

  1. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Toner, well basically a toner, I use this twice a day after washing my face with facial cleanser, before moisturiser. This one is non-perfume and I like it that way for face products.
  2. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser, so far this is the best cleanser that works fine with my skin.
  3. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser, I love this moisturiser! It is very light and what that’s what I love about Kiehl’s.
  4. Aesop Body Balm, this is the best body lotion that can well hydrate my skin without that greasy-feeling. To be honest, I didn’t really use lotion regularly before because I don’t like when my skin feels greasy after I apply body lotion/body balm. But I have no worry with this one, it is very light, not greasy and smell very nice!
  5. Aesop Parsley Seed Masque, I have been using it for a few weeks now and I love it so far. Love the after-feel and the smell! Aesop states that they use the most natural formula and it’s always a buy to me. I’m also a sucker to their packaging so I just have to. Haha.
  6. Bobbi Brown BB Cream. Although I don’t wear it everyday (only when I need some SPF or for some special meetings) but I can only rely on this BB cream so far. I’ve tried a few other products and none of them flatter my skin but this one.
  7. Almond Delicious Hand Cream, my hands get really dry at times and I love this one to give hydration. Also, it smells veryyyy nice and delicious.
  8. Shea Butter Organic, this one takes care and gives quick repair of dry elbows, lips, skin, feet. I regularly use it to as a lip balm to hydrate my lips.

Yes, they are currently my favourite products but my search doesn’t stop here. I’m regularly reading reviews and always on the hunt for good products. Hopefully I can make thorough review some times in the future and of course I’ll write some updates here. Also, I’d love to hear about your favourite products, too.