March 2009

I’d Love to Pack Things and Go to These Places

i’ve been longing for holiday since months ago. a real holiday, more and less 1 or 2 weeks with real packing things and have lots of fun. crap! i browsed for holiday destination and my heart was crying even more cos i want it so bad! mom and dad asked me whether i needed holiday and mom didn’t mind to take me anywhere affordable to them. i said no because i don’t think it is the right time and i don’t deserve it now. i can’t go for holiday when my heart is not in it. this unfinished  thing needs to be finished first (hahaha, bad sentence!). but just let me share what i’ve got. places below are soooooo wonderful (haven’t been there though hihi)! my mouth is foaming, i’m serious.


Sikuai Beach, Padang, Indonesia.


Venice, Italy.*oh so romantic! save it for my future husband! hihi*


Mykonos, Cyclades, Greece


la plage, Maldives.


the Sound of Music Tour, Salzburg


Swiss Alps, Switzerland.


DISNEYLAND, anywhere around the world. No doubt!


Dreamland Beach, Bali, Indonesia.


Edinburgh Castle, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom.


Central Park, New York, USA. where many movie scenes take place.

ARGH. i guess i have to stop now. there are still many magnificent places i’d love to go to. next post maybe?! i simply want to go around the world, anywhere. let’s just make a wish. anyway, i got most of the pictures from TripAdvisor.

Tagged-and-Play Game

i was tagged by tiestri about 2 weeks ago. ready?? here we gooo ..

The First One
These are the rules :

  1. take a recent photo of yourself or take a picture of yourself right now
  2. don’t change your clothes, don’t fix your hair, just take a picture
  3. post that picture with no editing
  4. post this instruction with your picture
  5. tag 10 people to do this (well, i will break this rule! hihi)


The Second One

The rules are simple. Use Google Image to search the answers to the questions below. I cheated! hahaha. I use corbis and flickr, instead. haha.

Here we go now…

1. The age of my birthday


I am turning 23 next october. oh-my-god, 23?! time flies so fast! i am old. as you can see in the picture, 22 to 25 is not far way to go. the real journey hasn’t begun yet? i guess i must be ready to take challenges, to deal with risks, to make rough decisions, etc. loads of serious stuffs ahead.

2. A place i’d like to travel to




and LONDON! i fall in love with this place since i don’t know when.

Basically, i want to go everywhere on this world. hihihi.

3. Favourite places




my bedroom. picture above isn’t mine hahaha. but i’d love to have one like that. my bedroom is my heaven on earth, my playground.

oh yes, shopping center as well. :)

4. Favourite Food


i’m into any dishes. mostly those dishes that have strong taste and contain lots of spices. i fall in love with indonesian food, chinese food and japanese food! but a set of sushi and sashimi never fail.

5. Favourite thing(s)


SHOES! i can never ever get enough of them. my everytime favourite is flats with bows :)






SALE. hahahaa. i think sale is every girl’s friend.


MICKEY MOUSE! i’m his big fan, seriously.

6. Favourite Color


I simply love all colors, no exception.

7. a city where i was born


i was born in Jakarta then travelled to many different cities in Indonesia.

8. a city I ever lived in

I don’t find any good pictures, so just let me mention them : Jakarta, Medan, Manado, Magelang, Semarang, Bandung. where’s next?! hahhaa. i’ll just leave it to Him.

9. A nickname I have

i can’t find suitable pictures. i have some nicknames : hanna (almost everyone called me so), ira (some relatives), kakak or ka’illa (close family), hanbrot (stands for hanna gembrot which means “fat hanna”, by closest friends)

10. College Major


CHEMICAL ENGINEERING. isn’t the picture clear enough?! it is the best picture i can find so far. hehe. anyway, i know nothing about engineering. gosh, maybe it is written to me. i so much hope that in spit of  my very lack engineer’s way of thinking that i have now, i could be a good one someday *nod wisely*.

11. name of my love


family, boyfriend and friends. they are the most precious gift i have in my life. they complete my life, i wouldn’t ask for more.

12. A bad habbit


i am not a morning person. i rarely wake up before than 7 a.m. haha. even if i have set an alarm, it won’t disturb me travelling in my dreamland. haha. i will automatically turn it off and continue sleeping.

13. A hobby


SHOPPING. hahaha. all girls do shopping :)

14. wishlist




studying abroad, get the master degree and work afterward.


get married to my prince charming :)


own a small and happy family.


own a coffee shop or chocolate shop or something like that.


have a journey around the world with my beloved ones.

finally i reach the end of the game. haha. i’m not gonna tag anyone. please feel free to copy-paste and make yours :)

JASON MRAZ in JavaJazz 2009

we made it after confusing because it was close to the date to exam. but we somehow needed to escape a while from studying (hahaha), so there we went. our journey was quite a wonderful one, in sarcastic way. traffic jam was everywhere. and the craziest one is our journey back to Bandung, which took about 4 hours. My goodness, it was crazy. we departed from Jakarta at 11 p.m. and arrived in Bandung at 3.30 a.m. nothing but exhausted. and i bet you don’t wanna know the crowd in the concert place because it was super duper massive. maybe 25% percents of Jakarta citizens were there plus some commuters. IMAGINE! but i’ll just thank God for that, at least i watched him directly. he was awesome. i love the way he enjoyed his own music. i wonder why many people seemed to dissatisfy with his performance while i and my boyfriend just simply love it. maybe it’s because we both don’t have many experiences in watching live concert. hahaa. i made it because it was Jason Mraz, my very favourite :). *pity me i missed alicia keys and maroon 5*. and below are some pictures, blame the camera for bad quality hihihi.






He often made a weird move and dancing, and it was really a fun. i’d love to watch his performance again in different place maybe. and with less people watching, less crowd occur. once more, he is awesome!