DIY: Christmas Calendar

So the supplies needed are 1. Pin board; 2. brown papers (or any papers you want. I have a thing for brown papers it got to be it, haha); 3. paper clips; 4. cotton fabrics (again, it’s based on your preference. and polkadot is my favourite!); 5. white lace; 6. scissors; 7. multi-purpose glue; 8. tape. And here is picture of the result! ta-da…

So that’s our Christmas calendar. This weekend we are going to fill in each envelope with a piece of paper of activities/treats each date. Michael and I will share 12 ideas each of us. I can’t wait to see what he has, haha. This Christmas calendar wasn’t too difficult to create, but the whole process involved a huge amount of fun. Though I did most of the sticking and pinning process, I really appreciate my husband’s participation in designing the envelope and picking the font. (I tell you, he’s very decisive when it comes to font-related-stuff. But I don’t really mind, because I always like his taste of fonts). Next on our list, we’re going to make a sort of Christmas village with little houses. yay! Wish us luck!

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