Because there’s no such thing as too early to get excited about Christmas

Perhaps it’s a little too early to talk about Christmas, but I just can’t wait any longer! My most favourite time of the year is near (well, 43 days counting is quite near in my book, sorry)! It’s always these days before Christmas that bring lots of joy and merry vibe. Last weekend Michael and I started to listen to Christmas songs, and our baby in my tummy couldn’t stop dancing. I guess baby is excited for Christmas, too! And baby likes our choice of music (haha). Michael and I decided on the Christmas Albums we’re going to make as this year’s Christmas soundtrack, and we also made list of plans for this Christmas. No vacation, obviously. However, we’re going to try to make it as fun and beautiful as it can be.

Photos above were from our winter holiday in 2010. We were in Copenhagen, at Tivoli Garden. It still feels so dreamy as I look back to old photos. I’m so thankful for that experience. And yes, part of me miss being in the west especially in this Christmas season. But life has been good to us, God has always been great to us all this year. Having our family and close people to share and celebrate Christmas is best of all, no matter where we are. And we also need to decorate our heart with good things and values to add to the already beautiful Christmas decorations and ornaments out there. Let’s get ready for Christmas! x

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