Books for Baby & Mama


“Good habits should start as early as possible” that’s what I always keep in mind. I really really wish my children would be fond of books since early age (I didn’t start very early, quite honestly). Whether they only love seeing the pictures or they are already able to read, it doesn’t really matter. We, parents, have to invest in good books. And I have this secret dream that Husband and I will take turn reading bedtime stories to our children. haha. So, those are the books I’m currently eyeing on. (Oh how I wish Amazon offered free shipping cost to Indonesia. Haha.)

And I add some books for me, too. Tee hee.. Because I’m currently thirst for inspiration.

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  1. uwi

    try, they offer free shipping worldwide :)

  2. hannasyalala

    Noted! Thank you :)

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