Hearty Whoopie Cake


A couple of days ago I found Sprinkles’ cupcake mixture that my sister had given to me as a gift from Chicago last year. Good news was, we were yet to reach the expiry date! So, Michael and I decided to give it a go and we finally baked the mixture last night. Despite all the mess in and around our kitchen and living room, it was really fun. My husband was even more excited than I was. Haha. Because Valentine’s atmosphere was in the air, we thought it was fun to immerse a little bit with the ambiance, so making heart-shaped cakes was just right on time! Below is the picture of supplies needed.



Oh, we used peanut butter jam as the filling because, apparently, this pregnant lady was too lazy to make the icing. Besides, I heard that cream cheese and raw eggs were best avoided during pregnancy. But to tell you the truth, my laziness was actually the main reason. You know, being pregnant also means you are allowed to make excuses, haha. Oops. The result was good enough. We didn’t add white vinegar, but I guess adding white vinegar would contribute to adding more fluffiness to the cake. That’s what my husband’s internet-research told.

So, let’s spread love, love and more loveeeee! x