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We met our designer friends a few days ago to finalise the design theme of our apartment, and above are the sneak peeks! Of course, they have undergone some changes and revisions (though no major revisions) but I’m glad that our friends have have really connected with our taste and sense of style since the very first time they handed in the first draft of designs. It wasn’t really difficult for Husband and I to tell them what we really wanted and the messages were well-received, I guess (that both of us being very talkative and explain everything until every details probably makes it easier, too. Or no?! Haha. We hope not the other way round, friends) I have to tell you that my husband is a detail-freak person. And me? As long as it looks pleasing to my eyes, nothing else matters. Haha. However, I’m very thankful he’s that kind of person.

Oh yes, there’s a little plan changed here. At first we wanted to have a nursery which basically is our baby’s room. But after a lot of considerations, it just seems impossible. This mama wants to room-in with the baby at least for a year time (umm, or probably two years. Yes, please, Husband?!). Besides, we need a place where we could work and a place where our guest could sleep in. So, we changed the other bedroom (see the last picture) into a study room as well as guest room. There will be a sofa bed placed in there for our guest. Well, honestly we’re going a bit slow here. With our baby is coming shortly makes us put the baby as our first priority in all aspects (talking about budget, time and attention distribution). However, if everything goes well, hopefully we’ll be able to move in in six months. Wish us luck!

p.s Pictures above are in 3D. And they say everything looks better in 3D. The real version usually slightly degrades. We’ll try our best to minimise the quality difference in hope that the real-eyes version would be just as good as the 3D version or very close, if impossible. Tee hee..

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  1. Lydia

    waahhh keren banget hanna…. hehehe bagusnya rumahnya warnanya putih bersih gitu tipe skandinavian ya…

  2. hannasyalala

    Thanks lydia :) tipe campur-campur ini hehehe.

  3. maria

    kereenn kak!!hehehe..

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