Weekend DIY: Sharpie Customised Mug



My husband didn’t feel like going anywhere today. He decided that we went straight home after attending a prenatal class all morning till afternoon (1 p.m). And you know, I desperately wanted to go out so I tried to bribe him with this mug, hoping that he would change his mind and take me on a date. Andddd.. no luck! haha. However, it wasn’t that bad after all because it’s raining very hard this afternoon. And what’s better than spending a rainy day snuggle at home with your loved one?! And on top of that, husband kindly gave me a very good foot massage and it was all comforting. That was a very good deal. Thank you, Husband! Today is a good day indeed.

Anyway, I took the inspiration from my favourite blog for DIY, A Beautiful Mess. There are a looootttt of DIY inspiration we can find there. And for this particular sharpie mug, see the post here.

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