This waiting game, ugghhh!




I’m 39 weeks along now and baby still rolls, curls, moves, plays, sleeps, and stays happily inside my womb. This waiting game is playing with my patience tolerance, seriously. As far as I remember, waiting in patience hasn’t been my skill. So, every morning I wake up and talk to my baby inside “Hey baby, good morning. Aren’t you going to come out anytime today? yes? yes? yessss??” And when night comes baby still isn’t here, I say “okay good night baby. How’s your day? So, probably we’ll luck out tomorrow?” Haha. This mama to be is getting crazy. Tell me about that! My due date is actually still a week away but I’m really really hoping baby will arrive in this world before the due date. Fingers crossed. I’ve been doing lots and lots of squatting, walking, and all those kinds of exercise to speed up the labour. Still no luck but we’ll see if those will do the magic this time soon. Time has been passing by in a pace of a snail lately, and I try as much as I can to keep myself busy and to distract my mind from the question “when will that time come?” Well, doing things such as: reading books, searching for sewing and crafting inspiration, reorganising baby’s stuff (though they have been perfectly organised, actually), and just chilling out with my husband, those things actually help a lot!

I feel like I’m riding a roller coaster these days, talking about my mood swing. And my husband, though I know he’s just as impatient as I am during this waiting game, is playing it cool. Sometimes in my sleep (I often sleep earlier than him) I could feel him touching my tummy and just whispering to the baby to show up soon. I love him and the way he soothes me every time I’m a little anxious. He knows me best, how to cope with my worst times.

Well baby, that lonely crib is waiting for you. Actually, everybody is waiting for you. Mama still enjoys your every movement inside because she knows she will miss it later, so it’s okay, you can take your time a while longer inside mama’s womb but don’t make it too long, please. We are too excited to have you here. And this mama and papa to be are looking forward to that day when we hear your welcome cries as if you’re telling us “hey, mama papa, I’m here!!”. We can’t wait to finally step into a whole new experience and journey of life with you. x

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  1. Yeay New post! I can’t wait to see the baby! Keep posting…

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