A new mama on the block


As a new mama, I don’t claim to know everything about motherhood because really, I don’t. But let me tell you a few things that I know. No matter how tired I am struggling with mama chores, my baby’s smiles and coos can cure it. And no matter how difficult it is to soothe my baby and put her to bed, I will immediately miss her when she’s asleep. And no matter how annoying those loud and very high-pitched cries are (especially during nappy changing time), her laughs immediately make me forget. That’s my own experience anyway. Weird, I know. So yes, I’m getting used to my new role as a mother with all these routines: nursing, nappy changing, soothing and bouncing, bathing, cuddling, etc etc. I barely have time for myself. I once went to a supermarket by myself for a bit of fresh air (Abigail was sleeping at home, attended to by my husband) and it felt strange not having my daughter around with me, even just for 30 minutes. And I felt guilty! Haha. Pardon this drama mama, thank you. For now, I’m good to have my me time just around the house when baby’s sleeping. As simply as reading favourite magazines, sipping a cup of good tea, scrolling down Pinterest timeline, blogging and reading good blogs make enough quality time to keep me happy. Because a happy mama (and wife) means a happy family, am I right?!

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