Birthday lunch, sort of..










Last Tuesday was my birthday but we just had the chance to celebrate this weekend. So, yesterday, after taking Abigail to hospital for her scheduled vaccine, we headed to Kemang Area for this belated birthday lunch, we went to Common People Eatery & Bar. We really liked this restaurant. Delicious food and a very nice place! Well, yes, a bit pricey for our piggy bank, but hey, it’s a special day like birthday. And we especially liked the interior design of this restaurant. We couldn’t help but fussing about every detail of the interior while we’re there.

As I’m writing this, I just realize that I rarely post about cool new places or restaurants anymore these days like I used to. ¬†That’s because we don’t really go to cool places like that anymore. Haha. Well, our life has changed a lot that’s for sure. More precisely, our life has changed a lot after we have a baby. Our priority has changed. Going to baby shop is much more interesting now, going to kids friendly places is actually much more fun and spending time on family cuddle is much more exciting than on watching television. Hahaha. Perhaps, our definition of cool places has now changed into children places like zoo, playpark, swimming pool, etc. And of course, we can’t wait to take her explore those fascinating places.

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