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Our first family holiday


A few weeks ago we went to Singapore for a quick getaway. It was our first holiday with Abigail and facts revealed that she was a very good little traveller. No fuss, no hassle and she was all happy. However, travelling with a baby also means that we have to adjust our pace and make a few stops to sit and give her food, snacks, and to breastfeed her. Also, visits to kids attractions were on our itinerary because we wanted her to enjoy this holiday. We wanted her to find that this world we’re living is full of wondrous and beautiful things. We had some family dates to bookstore, cafes, vintage stores, and ikea. We also really enjoyed our time strolling around the neighbourhood and observed how the local lives. It goes without saying that holiday is a very special time to bond with the whole family, to escape a while from our mundane day-to-day routine. Ah, I’m now craving for more and more holidays. Anyway, I hope you had a good time, too! x