Decorating Felt Christmas Trees






Last week Abigail was sick and had to stay at a hospital for a few days. As a mama, it really breaks my heart seeing my baby sick. I know that sounds too mushy but I mean it. This mama sure needs to be tougher and stronger. However, she’s fine now and these past few days, we’ve finally got back into our daily routines. We started play school at home again! This time I make some felt Christmas trees and she is in charged of decorating them with colourful dots.

I always love her curiosity and I appreciate every single effort she makes in doing things. Well, sometimes she doesn’t do as what I instruct her to do, even sometimes she shows less or no interest to the activity but that’s okay. It’s part of learning. However, some other times she is very very interested and excited with my invitation to play. She also likes to improvise and do it her own way, which often amazes me. I’m quite lucky that this time she was engaged in the activity longer than usual. And that serious face when she’s concentrating…. I just love that! Well, I basically just love her so much!

4 thoughts on “Decorating Felt Christmas Trees”

  1. Iyaa sedih yaa.. Mora sehat2 kann? Sipp selamat menyambut natal juga buat Christine sekeluarga ya :)

  2. Huhu, iya kaan hancur hati banget rasanya ya kak kalo anak sakit gitu. Puji Tuhan udah sembuh ya Abigail udah happy main – main lagi..Selamat menyambut Natal buat Ka Ira sekeluarga :*

  3. sorry to hear that :( abigail sehat2 yaaaa…. raya belum menepati janji main ke sana niii…
    hanna,msh simpen noku ngga?kemarin hpku ilang, kalau kmu gga keberatan mau diwhatsapp no mu..makasih….

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