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Classic Granny Squares Project


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I’m that kind of person who gets bored very easily with routines. I’m the master of starting something and leaving it unfinished in the middle of nowhere, which probably answers why previous granny squares blanket project is never finished. Haha. It gets worse because later I didn’t feel like the colours. And this is not something I’m very proud of, honestly. This year I want to be more patient and learn more about endurance and persistence. I want something simple but quite big, so I’m making just another granny squares project. So pictures above show a teeny tiny part of my 2015 project. Hopefully I can make one blanket out of those yarns. And fingers crossed this project will teach me something about those values mentioned above. We’ll see how far this will go. So, wish me luck!

Anyway, I’m using Drops Safran yarns in strong yellow, denim blue, orange, peach, lime and off white. All from Wool Warehouse.

2 thoughts on “Classic Granny Squares Project”

  1. Hi Sheena!

    Try Toko Maju in Pasar Mayestik. It has a wide range of selection. Or basically you can take a tour around Pasar Mayestik there are quite some stores selling craft supplies there. But my favourite is Toko Maju. Good luck hunting! :)

  2. Hello! I’ve been in Jakarta for almost two years and I’m ashamed to say I don’t know where the good craft stores are. Could you recommend places? I live in Selatan and have been looking for embroidery hoops for a while. Thank you! :)

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