My little painter




You know, the easiest activity to entertain Abigail when she is bored and we’re stuck at home is painting! It’s her favourite thing to do, actually. These days recently she has been asking to paint everyday about 4 times each day, which also means 4 (plus 2) baths a day. Sometimes she needs my help but most of the time she likes to explore herself. By explore it means she likes painting anywhere but the paper, like her body: foot, hand or face. This playing with paint activity can last up to 30 mins when she’s really in the mood and ask any mother in the world how luxurious it actually is to have 30 mins off from a restless kid. Haha! Also, I keep telling myself that it’s okay to have a toddler making mess around the house, because it’s part of learning, although I learn it hard way.

I actually want to introduce her to different activities to reveal her personal interest, what she likes and dislikes. And if she’s good at something or is really passionate about it, my husband and I want her to be very good in it, thus we hope to find it out since early age. Well, fingers crossed this mama is not too lazy in making up new activities because honestly, I have those days when I’m just too busy with my own things (or in my lazy days) and just let her do things we have done before. Any mothers who happen to read this and have ideas, I would really love to hear from you :)

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  1. Mba hanna, cat yang dipakai cat apa ya? saya penasaran cat yang aman sehingga kalau tidak sengaja termakan oleh si baby relatif aman :)

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