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Crocheted food is much fun!




Lately I’ve become a crochet food kind of girl. This crochet food idea is my absolute favourite and it’s actually a whole lots of fun! It’s even more fun than cooking real food, although the fact that I can’t eat them in reality reduces the amount of fun just a little bit. Haha. I still find it a bit tricky to make 3D crochet. I tell you, stuffing and sewing those donuts turned out to be very very challenging. I definitely need more practice and more patience. But seriously, how cute are they?

The idea of making crocheted fruits and foods as Abigail’s toys for play-pretend has hit me hard recently. It sounds very tempting (and ambitious, ha!) but I’m still not sure I can commit to this project (I have this granny squares blanket project, too, for this year, remember?). But we’ll see. Fingers crossed I can accomplish it.