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Abigail turns two!



Last week, my little girl turned two and we had a little celebration at home and school. I’m always sentimental about her birthday. She is my first, the one who made me a mama… A first time mama. I know that miracle is actually real whenever I look at her eyes. I’m happy that she is my daughter, I love her with all my beings.

So, happy birthday, Abigail! Realising that you’re not going to be my little baby forever is kind of sad to me. However, I’m so happy to see you grow happy and healthy. It melts my mama’s heart to see you explore and discover things. You are a good girl with such joy and spirit! I’m just so proud of you. I hope that as you grow, you’ll love life and find that this life is actually full of wondrous. May God always be with you. Mama and papa love you so much!

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  1. happy birthday sweet abigail <3 stay happy and healthy! also, the balloon is so huge, it is even taller than her hehe


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