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Pimp my desk!


Last week I pimped my desk a little and really loved how it turned out! If you follow me on Pinterest, you can actually notice that I pin a loootttt of workspace inspirations on my board. Yes, I’m obsessed about nice workspace designs. The other day I talked about peg board and such a shame that I couldn’t find it anywhere in this city. Until one day my husband gave an idea to use a supermarket wire mesh, instead. He found that wire mesh at a store that sells supermarket supplies and materials. It’s such a clever idea, indeed. I think this one looks just as nice as peg board, even nicer. I get to hang and display some of my crochet creations there and love that it serves as pretty decorations as well. This little change actually makes a big difference to my desk. It looks much more lively and cheerful now. It even gives better organisation and less clutters all over my desk. Here’s to more DIY and ideas from this fresh workstation!