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On redecorating living room shelves

Living room shelves then…


and now…


People say that one’s personality is pictured from their homes. If that’s the case, maybe we’re the moody type. Or probably dynamic? Well yes, I admit that I get bored quite easily. Things are always changing around our place. We like experimenting with things. On our regular visit to IKEA (at least once a month), my husband usually says “you know, I’m gonna change our …. with this” so he comes home with a handful of stuff and DIY everything right afterwards until midnight. And as soon as I wake up in the morning, I often get surprised with a few changes around the house. And me, whenever Linoluna is having new arrivals I usually say “this is lovely! it will look good here (any part of the house), I’m gonna change … with this”. Haha. I guess one of the perks of running a home decor store is that you get to experiment with the stuff at your very own place. Haha.

So, one corner around our house that often gets changed and redecorated is the shelves in our living room. It used to be very very vibrant with pops of colours everywhere. And then came Christmas, it was all in Christmas mood. Now, it’s in this monochrome colour tone. Black-and-white dominated with just a very little bit of colours. And this morning I told my husband that I’m going to change it again soon, which he seems okay with. I’m thinking about pastel tone but it still isn’t final. We’ll see…

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