Abigail on a train





Upon deciding whether to travel by plane or by train , I had a few doubts on the latter at that time with Abigail. Firstly, it was just a few days after her being weaned and she was not in her best mood during those days. Secondly, she was at her most active age and got bored quite easily. However, we gave this train idea a go anyway. Abigail is crazy about Choo Choo train she always screams in excitement every time she finds Choo Choo anywhere around. Thus, she was so excited and surprised. We took a morning train from Jakarta to Semarang. It was a 5.5 hours journey. And it was a night train when we got back to Jakarta from Yogyakarta, which took about 6 hours. Abigail slept half of the journey on the morning train and she slept through the night we we got back to Jakarta.

Abigail is an easy little traveller so far, I hope I don’t jinx it. She loves when we’re on a journey anywhere. Even a car journey is enjoyable enough to her. Haha! In the beginning of the year we took her on a 12-hour car journey to Cilacap and to my surprise, it was almost hassle-free. She enjoyed it. She got bored easily when we’re at home, in a restaurant, in a shopping mall, and anywhere (except playground) but not on a journey. Haha. As long as we have enough snacks and bring her latest favourite toys, she will be good.

I hope as she grows, she becomes adventurous and fond of travelling. Because travelling makes us rich in experience, indeed.

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