Singapore Jaunt











We just got back from Singapore for a quick getaway. Despite being a short one, the holiday was very much enjoyed (well, with some frustrations here and there. haha). We braved ourselves for not taking Abigail’s stroller and carrier, which turned out to be a bad bad idea because she preferred to be carried most of the time and our arms got really tired. Abigail realised that we were away from home (and out of country) and she was excited with the whole trip.  The last time we took holiday abroad was last year and she wasn’t really aware of her surroundings.

This trip was actually mix of business and pleasure. We went to do some research for Linoluna’s very soon-to-open physical store (whoop! There I tell you!) so our schedule was a little bit packed. However, it was still a holiday for us because we had fun. We got to visit some cool places around and played tourist! Haha. Also, my sister currently lives here for a work assignment and it was so nice having her around.

I love Singapore for the way they mix modern and vintage very perfectly, which was seen well from the buildings and city architecture. I love the vibrant and colourful houses. I love every hustle and bustle of this city.