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DIY Geometric Necklace with painted wooden beads


On our previous trip to Singapore we visited a few independent stores and I stumbled upon colourful-abstract necklaces almost in all stores. They were made from wooden beads and ceramics with various quirky patterns and surprising colours which I really loveee. Also, very pricey! Then some times later we went to Spotlight, a store selling craft supplies (this place is huge and heaven to me!), and found that they actually sold rough wooden beads and the idea to make similar wooden necklaces hit me hard. I like experimenting with colours, I guess you know already. Well, this is actually very easy and I like the result a lot!


So here are the supplies needed: acrylic paints, cotton/leather cord, wooden beads, masking tape, paint brushes, scissors.


Step 1: Create a pattern on each wooden bead. Use masking tapes to cover the part you wish to remain in wood colour.
Step 2: Now paint the area outside the masking tape. Wait a few minutes until the paint dries and you may unseal the masking tape.
Step 3: Start beading the wooden beads into the cord.
Step 4: Finally do sliding knot technique for necklace closure. I follow the tutorial from this video.

And you’re done! It will look more or less like this:

I hope this tutorial is useful and you enjoy making it as much as I did!

p.s. On another exciting news… my friend and I are going to work together creating a blog together for DIY tutorials, ideas and all that stuff. We’re crazy about craft and DIYs and really excited about this project. More on that, soon.