My little reader






I love reading books to my daughter. I was a bit obsessed with the picture of my kids reading books even before I was pregnant. Haha. Yes I want to raise a little reader although I also want it to grow naturally. There was a phase when she really liked book and then she didn’t enjoy it that much some time later and then loved books again. It’s that on and off kind of relationship. Haha. However, just recently she often asks me to read to her. Read as in really read and make up stories not just pointing at pictures. She likes to read before bed time. It’s kind of a bed time routine to us. It has been going for a month and everyday. This is actually a good sign. Sometimes she even reads to her favourite doll, Miffy. I just can’t handle the cuteness every time I see it. Oh, I got report from her teachers at school that she enjoys books very much (at the end of school year’s celebration she was given the book worm award, haha!) I’m proud of her. I hope her love for books grow even more as time goes by.

We are lucky that few days ago a package of books from Erlangga For Kids arrived at our doorstep. Abigail was very happy she clapped her hands and said “hooray!” as you can see here. She was surprised as she saw some of her favourite characters in the books (Minnie Mouse, Doc Mac Stuffin, Hello Kitty). Some of them are activity books and Abigail was even happier to find stickers inside the books. Thanks Erlangga for Kids!

Here are links to their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.