Playdate at Rimba Baca






A few days ago my cousin, Eva, and I took our daughters to Rimba Baca for a playdate. Our daughters are about the same age (Abigail is 8 months older) and we usually scheduled our playdate once a month. Because we were sick of malls (Yes, Abigail loves mall, but most of our visits to a mall would frustrate me because she liked to throw tantrum in every mall we went to), we decided to try library.

It was a good day at the library. Both of our daughters are having good time (no tantrum, yay!). Mamas are happy, too! Most of their time there was spent on singing, dancing, laughing, and making mess around. Sometimes they read, too, though not that much. But, they’re just little kids. It’s most important that they’re having fun. Abigail actually found a particular book that she loved on our visit that day. It was a book about Snow Bear. She read that book seriously, flicked through each page, observed everything carefully and really finished it until the end. Then she put the book back to the shelves and continued playing. To my surprise, she took it and read again for three times or so. It makes me wonder what’s in her mind but she didn’t allow me to interrupt her while reading.

I love seeing kids playing together, and interacting their own language. Sometimes they kiss and hug each other, and share some laughs. (well, with snatching toys and books a couple of times, too). These two also went a bit wild by standing on the table and holding a mini concert (jumping, dancing and singing) for quite a while. Luckily, we went on a weekday and we owned the place, nobody else but us. Otherwise, we will get cynical stares from other visitors. But to be honest, I’m used to that kind of stares already. Haha.

So, cheers to more playdates!