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Green Obsession


I don’t really know how it even begins. I mean all this having room decorated with greeneries idea. In case you don’t already know, I never really ‘click’ with plants before. There wasn’t any successful experience in any plant nurturing trial. Not a single cactus I bought actually grew well. So I quickly judged myself that I’m not one gifted with the knack of taking good care of plants. However, time can change almost anyone. Haha. Probably it’s the matter of getting old (I used to stereotype grown-up people are best friends of plants. At least that’s what I perceive from my grandparents and parents. They are really good with plants), or maybe because it’s what’s on the latest trend. Because in fact, I’m drooling over those pretty pictures of green rooms at people’s houses/apartments/offices. So, my husband has been well informed that on our next schedule of apartment’s redecorating, I’m so gonna install plants everywhere around our place. He completely agreed from the very beginning! So, here are some inspiration I got from pinterest. Aren’t they pretty?!