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Our Home Decorated with Plants


Wow, 3 months not posting! It actually marked the longest pause in this blog’s history. So, how’s everybody been up to?

It turned out juggling between business and household thingy (as a wife and a mother) had tied me up. I really had no time for anything else. So besides neglecting this blog and my hobby (crocheting), our house was pretty much neglected too during the first few months of our store opening. However, a few weeks ago we hired a store manager because I thought Abigail needed to stay at home more. I had no babysitter and I had to take her everyday to work with me all day, which in my opinion didn’t do any good for her. It’s all about take and give. My husband also said that having a store manager would be good for the scalability of the business. After a while, I was a bit loose and able to spend more time at home and did our regular stuff with Abigail. Now I still visit the store everyday but do not spend all day.

As always when I’m at home, everything’s always changing. My husband and I are currently hooked into organic home so we’ve been adding more greeneries to our space. We love this idea, indeed! Well yes, it’s not at all easy dealing with plants. We’re still learning. Hopefully, we won’t kill them too soon (because not killing them forever sounds too cliché). Having living plants at home has actually made us appreciate the Earth. We hope we take care of them well enough. Not only do these plants give feast to the eyes, some of them even function as air purifiers. They also make the whole apartment look and feel really fresh.

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