And now there are two!

Well hellooooooooo!!

I haven’t been writing for way too long! It’s been a year, seriously?! I miss writing a lot and I just got this blog back so here’s to hope I’ll be here writing regularly. Many things have happened this past year while I was away from this blog. First thing first, we just added a new member to our family! Abigail has a little brother now. Our second-born was named Benaya Elias Hutagalung, we just call him Benaya. He was born on 5 April 2017, so he is two month young now. It’s quite challenging now that there are two kids in the house but double the trouble means double the fun, too! Abigail is so smitten with her little brother. She likes to bombard Benaya with so many kisses and hugs everyday that it annoys him sometimes. She is also such a good help and a very protective big sister! I love seeing the bond that’s already forming between these two and can’t wait to see them grow up together. Oh well yes, I’m fully aware of sibling war that might attack soon, too.

That’s it for now, I need to leave home and pick up Abigail from school now.┬áNext post I’ll write about Benaya’s birth story. See ya!

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  1. Hi Hanna, glad to see you back on the blog again! And congratulations for the new addition to the family. Hello Benaya! ^^

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