Cooking Motherhood

Baking with Abigail

It all started last Christmas. Her school was off for Christmas holiday, we were spending our holiday at home and she was whining to me “mama, I’m bored please let me watch TV just this time”. She wanted to break the “screen time is only allowed on Saturday and Sunday half-day” rule. I know parenting styles and rules are different from one another but we’re quite strict on this particular one. So I asked her idea on what she would like to do and she came up with baking.

From then on, it’s legit baking is our favourite holiday activity. Baking chocolate chips cookies, to be exact. We have been doing this on every holiday. And Abigail is such a natural. She did almost the whole process (except measuring the ingredients and taking the dough in and out the oven). We really enjoy the whole process, talking or simply telling things while doing this activity. She even made silly dances and really savoured the good time. It’s more like a quality time for both of us. And it always melts my heart every time she says “mama, I love you. Thank you for letting me do this. I love baking with you” Well, she’s not always sweet like that but whenever she’s that sweet, I just want to hug her so tight. Suddenly all those bad and rough days are forgotten. Haha!

This chocolate chip cookies is our family’s favourite. Abigail is sweet tooth like her mama and we just can’t stop munching. Also, it’s very easy to make. It works good with kids as it doesn’t require mixer. Abigail said she wanted to make cupcakes for our next baking session. To be honest, I’m not good at creating recipe my own, so I’ll go through Pinterest to find one. Or, if you have a good recipe to try on and don’t mind passing it on me, that would be such a big help.

Thank you!