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Art at home: Kandinsky concentric circles

This girl is very into art. She actually loves various things but art and craft is her favourite of all. And I love her for her enthusiasm and her persistence in every activities. Every morning as I shower her before school, she always asks “mama, what are we going to do this afternoon after school?” So, I have to come up with ideas everyday as per her request. Well there are times that she’s just tired and wants to have some times of her own and I’ll just let her because that means rest for mama, too. Haha! But that one afternoon, I offered her the idea to make this Kandinsky concentric circles. To my surprise, she really enjoyed this. I let her decide the colours and everything and she came up with rainbow colours (she’s always about rainbows and unicorns). I helped her make the straight lines and divide the paper into nine sections. She made the rest: draw the circles and paint them in colours.

Doing art with kids is really fun. It’s good for their soul and to stimulate their brain. She is very persistent and she knows what she wants to do. Sometimes I have to guide her but most of the times she wants to do things by herself. We did this while Benaya is taking a nap and it was a good mommy-daughter time. Sometimes she talks a looottt while doing this (about school, friends, or some random things) but some other times she needs concentration and I need to keep my mouth sealed as she said “quiet mama, I need to focus”. haha. She doesn’t want to be disturbed and I respect her decision. It’s really very important to give children exposure to many different things since early age, as long as they do it without pressure. The long-term goal is that she finds her passion and be really good at it.

So here’s the result:

P.S: the paints are Crayola washable paints.