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Benaya’s Starting-to-Eat Guide: Equipments + Meal Planner Template

Well, this post is a little too late (because Benaya is 10 months now! Haha) but I think I need to write this post to remind myself, just in case we have another baby haha (although it isn’t something we’ve planned haha). Also, this might help you new-moms whose babies are starting to eat. So, in my very own experience, being a mother for the second time does not mean that I have got the hang of it. Firstly, the four year gap makes me forget so many things about baby and newborns. Secondly, kids are different (even if they come from the same womb haha) so you might need to try different methods. Thirdly, well as time progresses, more new research are out, and a handful of information available. There might be some differences here and there. I’m trying to update myself with the most recent ones. However, being mother for the second time also allows you to look back, learn some lessons and decide what to change or what to maintain, just to make things better and more efficient this time around. So here are some recaps of the equipment when Benaya was starting to eat:

1  Food processor

I got Beaba cook solo. Honestly, I fall in love with the design. It’s sleek, modern, and compact! It’s a 4-in-1 food processor: steam cooks, blends, defrosts, and reheats. It’s very easy to use and now that Benaya doesn’t eat pureed food anymore, I’m still using it to prepare other food for family (such as smoothie bowls) and it stands nicely in our pantry. So, it’s definitely a good purchase.

2  Eating utensils 

Bowl, sippy cup, cutleries, divided plates. I still keep Abigail’s eating utensils when she was baby and use them for Benaya this time around. But I also bought some for Design Letter’s range. Because I love the design.

3  Booster seat

Mamas and papas Baby snug booster seat (in Putty colour) is my favourite. Based on my experience with Abigail, I wasn’t that strict on sitting during mealtime rule. And it made me dead tired chasing her around while feeding her. It was not a good habit, too, I confess. But you know, first kid. Luckily now as she grows, she understands the rule but I just thought I should’ve taught her earlier on discipline while eating. So, for Benaya I’ve always wanted him to sit while eating. It’s a rule. Benaya couldn’t sit by himself when he started eating so I got this booster seat from Mamas and Papas. Also, because I would only need it awhile (until he can sit), I didn’t buy it, instead I rented it from I love this booster seat because Benaya fits just right (not too tight compared to Bumbo that I got for Abigail a few years back). It also strengthened his muscles and helped him learn to sit.

4  High Chair

Ours is Yamatoya High Chair. So as soon as he can sit his own (7 month old), we shifted from booster seat to high chair. It’s a gift from friends and we love it. Easy to clean and it matched our home decor haha. The only problem is that it has no buckle seat.

5  Insulated lunch jar

It’s Skiphop and it’s cute, haha. It’s for Benaya’s food-to-go. I pick up Abigail everyday and Benaya always has his lunch outside. From the shop assistant’s information, this  insulated lunch jar keeps your food warn for about 6 hours, and cold for 4 hours. From my experience, it can only keep food warm from 2-3 hours. But no complain though, because Benaya usually eats 1-2 hours after we leaves house.

6  Baby bib

I have some bibs and before he started eating I had this picture in mind that he would be so cute wearing bibs. This one is from Skiphop, too (matchy matchy with the insulated jar haha). But in reality, Benaya never liked wearing bib. I tried a few other brands too but it just didn’t work out. Yes, it’s alwayssss so messy when he eats, but still better than not eating at all in my opinion. So, I give up with bibs for now. Maybe I should try other Bib brands later and fingers crossed he’ll approve.

7  Lunch bag

He has a few but I use this one from Sugar Booger quite often.

8  Freezer cubes

I usually cook in quite a large amount for efficiency, for about four meals in one go. I store the food in freezer cubes for longer period of time. But don’t forget to set aside the vegetables. So here are what I usually do: take the freezer cube from the freezer, defrost the frozen food, steam the vegetables, and blend them altogether (all in Beaba).

9  Cooking utensils (not in the picture)

Knife, sauce pan, frying pan, cutting board, strainer. The first few months when Benaya started eating, I separated the cooking utensils for baby food and adult food. For some, there’s no need to do this, but I still did it for safety reasons. Well, now that he’s 10 months already we just use the same utensils.

In this post I also want to include the Meal Planner I made for myself when Benaya started eating because I was so excited and anxious at the same time. I need to get things organised and this Meal Planner helped me a lot. I still use it until now. And below is Benaya’s eating menu for week 1 when he started eating. Well, I’m no expert here, always consult with your pediatrician to make sure everything is on track. Click here to download the Meal Planner template.