My son Benaya

Benaya my second born. He’s 10.5 months now, time flies just like that. This time last year I was in my third trimester and very very pregnant. I remembered every single detail of this pregnancy. With him, my morning sickness was really bad, it didn’t stop until I was 20 weeks along. Just like first pregnancy, I didn’t really have food cravings. But because the nausea was very very bad, the only food that was okay during the first trimester was spinach soup. So I remember I ate spinach food every single day. It’s not that I really like spinach soup but that’s the only food that he approved. It got better after 20 weeks when my normal taste bud was back in function. He was one little kicker and he liked to wake me up every day at 3-4 am with those strong little kicks jumps and rolls inside the womb. Second pregnancy is more challenging physically. I got tired very easily and joints-pain here and there. I had some kind of pelvic problems that made it so difficult for me to get up every morning, but I was so unstoppable. Benaya liked when her mama moved around, went here and there, did a lot of things. I was craving for more and more DIY ideas that time around. Aside from designing stuff for Linoluna, I managed to make some crocheted stuff (blankets, baby beanies, baby onesies, cushion, bunting, etc), nursery mobile, and even tried my luck on baking. I remembered my baby bump was very very big and laying low. Everyone thought I was carrying twins. I also remembered those times I was really really worried when my third trimester blood-test came with not-so-good result that I had some bacteria infections. I was so scared and phoned my doctor crying. Turned out the result was not accurate. I took blood-test again and no infection and I cried again, happy cry this time (I cry a lot during both pregnancies, blame the hormones, haha.) He would kick and dance inside when I was singing, also when Abigail and papa tried to make conversation with him. My skin was at its best when I was pregnant with him although I didn’t do anything much to it.

Now he’s almost 11 months and will turn 1 year old in a blink of an eye. He’s so smiley and bubbly. He’s the loudest and funniest in the family, also the most outgoing. He likes tickle game a lot. And when he laughs, it cracks the whole room. He likes to explore, he’s so restless and unstoppable. He’s always on the move. Mama is his favourite person like no one else and currently, he wouldn’t let me be out of his sight. And the way he looks at me always melts my heart. He loves when I’m singing. He takes every conversation seriously. His eyes would shine so bright every time we talk to him. Mama loves you Benaya. We all love you!