Throwback Melbourne Trip 2016

As I was looking through pics on our long-abandoned camera, I just realised that I haven’t posted anything about our Melbourne trip last 2016. So here are some pics. We went there with my brother so we were able to snap some pictures of us three while we were there.

Most of the pics were taken with iPhone because DSLR is not the easiest to take around (especially when we’re going with toddler), while iPhone comes in handy. But we managed to snap a few nice pictures with DSLR, too.

We love Melbourne so much. My husband especially loved it for the tons of design-store inspiration. Well, to be honest one of the reasons we picked Melbourne was because we wanted to do some research for our store. And so glad we did! We learned a lot and got tons of ideas for our store. I also love the art and design there; playful, vibrant and was of strong character. We enjoyed hopping from one small shop to another and gathered all the inspiration we could get. The culinary also didn’t disappoint, and oh the coffee is really really good! As we all know, Melbourne is famous for the coffee culture.

However, this holiday was mainly for Abigail (as for any holiday haha). She had a lot of fun. Everyday before we started the day, we went to the park that’s just within 2 mins walking distance from our apartment. She enjoyed every trips to the park, playgrounds, toy-shops, museums, etc. And her experience in the State Library of Victoria was probably the most memorable to her. Well, of course there are some meltdowns in between (especially when she was hungry or sleepy) which was not fun at all while it happened haha. She is not the easiest to deal with when she gets cranky, I tell you. It took a lot of negotiations until we could finally find win-win solution, a lot of thinking and ideas from us parents. Sometimes I also had meltdowns, haha. However, all the bad times was forgotten eventually. When we were back home, we asked her whether she was happy with the trip, and it was a relief that she said she was so happy. Holiday is always a good time to bond with the family.

I miss holiday so much. Last year we didn’t travel anywhere because one of many things, mostly because I was not that brave to take Benaya on holiday. He is much more mobile than Abigail. Car journey frustrates him a lot when he’s awake, very contrary to Abigail who really enjoys car journey. So I couldn’t imagine the frustration taking him on a flight journey. We still have no fix holiday plan this year but Abigail has been asking for holiday this time soon. Well, this mama right here badly needs one, too. So, fingers crossed I will brave it, fingers crossed we will all brave it. And of course, as anxious as I am for our party-of-four-holiday, I won’t lie that I’m also in full excitement. Any idea where to go?