siblings love

Two peas in a pod

They really look alike, don’t they? Haha.

These two are my source of headaches and happiness in equal measure. Before I was pregnant with Benaya I’ve always wondered how can I ever love another baby as much as I love Abigail. I simply had no idea whether my heart could hold just the same amount of love. During the last days of my pregnancy, I remembered that I often cried at night (probably that’s because of the pregancy hormone haha) staring at Abigail while she was sleeping. I was so scared that she wouldn’t be able to accept the fact that she had to share her mother to her brother. And I was afraid my heart couldn’t handle loving both. However, it’s true what they say that “Love doesn’t divide, it just multiplies”. I didn’t know how much my heart could handle until I had them both. Abigail was so smitten with baby Benaya and she loved him so much although now she doesn’t think he’s cute anymore because he can already respond when he doesn’t like what she’s doing, usually in the loudest voice ever haha. These two like to annoy each other and very easily get annoyed by each other, sometimes it drives me crazy as a mother! Our house is always so loud, messy and chaotic. However, it’s also the cutest to see the bond between these two. Every morning as they wake up they would come to each other and play (until one cries, of course) and every night before sleep they like to share some laughs together. They also already have some sort of inside jokes that I don’t really understand but Benaya would really laugh so hard whenever Abigail does something.

I can’t wait to see them grow together, create childhood memories, and as they are older they will protect each other. Siblings are best friends for life. Mama loves you, kiddos!