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Crocheted food is much fun!




Lately I’ve become a crochet food kind of girl. This crochet food idea is my absolute favourite and it’s actually a whole lots of fun! It’s even more fun than cooking real food, although the fact that I can’t eat them in reality reduces the amount of fun just a little bit. Haha. I still find it a bit tricky to make 3D crochet. I tell you, stuffing and sewing those donuts turned out to be very very challenging. I definitely need more practice and more patience. But seriously, how cute are they?

The idea of making crocheted fruits and foods as Abigail’s toys for play-pretend has hit me hard recently. It sounds very tempting (and ambitious, ha!) but I’m still not sure I can commit to this project (I have this granny squares blanket project, too, for this year, remember?). But we’ll see. Fingers crossed I can accomplish it.

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DIY Kid’s Apron and a play-pretend


So I finally dusted off my sewing machine and started sewing again. I made a simple apron for Abigail as start. Of course, it has to be mustard and coral pink because I’m obsessed. Haha. This apron was initially meant for Abigail’s painting activity but she refused to use it on our painting session the other day. And last night, she was still wide awake at 11 pm (I was in a zombie mode, so sleepy). She handed this apron to me, asked me to put it on her and then she started her play pretend. I was about to get really mad because she refused to sleep and it was way past her bed time. We needed to get up early for school the next morning and I just needed some rest. But this little girl sure knows how to make me smile again. She cut the cakes into slices and served some to me (and I quickly grabbed my camera to get a few shots while she was playing). She asked me to pretend eating it. And you know, my mama heart melted just like that. And she went to bed right after that.

You know, it has been really tough these days to deal with her “nooooooo…” to whatever I said and asked. Probably we’re just starting this terrible two phase. But she is also that sweet little girl who likes to kiss and hug and do cutest things. I sure need to learn more about being a good mama, also to be more patient and stay calm when things are going wild with this toddler. I love her so much.

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Classic Granny Squares Project


IMG_0251 IMG_0257 IMG_0237

I’m that kind of person who gets bored very easily with routines. I’m the master of starting something and leaving it unfinished in the middle of nowhere, which probably answers why previous granny squares blanket project is never finished. Haha. It gets worse because later I didn’t feel like the colours. And this is not something I’m very proud of, honestly. This year I want to be more patient and learn more about endurance and persistence. I want something simple but quite big, so I’m making just another granny squares project. So pictures above show a teeny tiny part of my 2015 project. Hopefully I can make one blanket out of those yarns. And fingers crossed this project will teach me something about those values mentioned above. We’ll see how far this will go. So, wish me luck!

Anyway, I’m using Drops Safran yarns in strong yellow, denim blue, orange, peach, lime and off white. All from Wool Warehouse.

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Fox crochet purse

1 2

I’ve just finished Abigail’s fox purse a few days ago. And why fox? Because I’m a little too obsessed with this animal lately. Pinterest makes it look so cute. Haha. It’s still too long for Abigail, I haven’t adjusted the strap yet. Initially I made this purse to keep her itsy bitsy stuff when she’s out and about. I wanted to teach her having responsibility for her belongings. And just my luck… Abigail isn’t interested in wearing the purse more than 2 minutes just yet. However, the other day I found a few of her favourite stuff inside this purse (sticker, crayons and board book) which I suspected she put them there by herself. It’s just the cutest. So that’s okay, we can wait until she’s bigger.

Anyway, I love how this purse turns out. Probably my favourite crochet creation so far.

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DIY Crochet Pouch




Last Christmas I got this book as a gift from my husband. I’ve been wanting this book since awhile ago and happy to get my hand on it. It’s my first crochet book and I love this book very very much. Being a happy kid that I was, I quickly opened it even before Christmas day and tried one of the patterns. I decided to make a make up pouch for myself, to keep some itsy bitsy of my daily essentials so I’ll have them neat in my bag (I usually just threw them in my bag which often ended up in lipsticks missing the caps, or powder all over my bag). This make up bag is not very special but I’m happy that I can crochet something for myself and actually use it!