Christmas Cooking

Baking Christmas cookies








We woke up one morning and felt like baking some Christmas cookies. So, we did! And considering my minimum experience and poor skill of baking, I decided to use cookie mixture this time. Hey, don’t judge! Abigail offered to help as soon as she got up, thus her bed hair. She was very into it and it’s just the cutest. We probably need to do this more often. Next year’s resolution probably? Yes, definitely. Fingers crossed I can create some good recipes myself so we don’t need to use cookie or cake mixtures from the market anymore. Haha! So, cheers to more baking next year!


Christmas brunch








I really really love the ideas of 12 dates of Christmas. Two years ago, when I was still pregnant with Abigail, husband and I fulfilled our 12 dates of Christmas. And last year, we only completed 5 dates of Christmas. And this year probably we’ll only be able to have a few dates because my husband has to go back to work for two weeks (and back home again exactly on Christmas day). However, we don’t want to miss every single moment whenever we have the chance. The days before Christmas are the most exciting, definitely my favourite!

So last weekend we had a Christmas brunch. I love brunch, wherever the place is. And The Goods Diner is just one of my favourite place. If you see pictures above, there isn’t a single picture where Abigail looks fine and camera-ready. It’s kind of frustrating to ask her to smile at the camera, so we just let her move and move and take a few candid pictures. Well, who knows that this will improve our skill as toddler photographer, haha? And of course, can anyone please tell me how to teach your toddler to be camera-ready and loves being snapped? This girl is just so mobile.

Anyway.. the last picture cracks me up every time I see it, haha. That face.

Christmas Motherhood

Abigail’s mini Christmas tree





Truth is, this mama is a kid all over again when it comes to Christmas. My favourite time of the year, it is! Now that Abigail is 1.5 year old, I think it’s just right to introduce Abigail to Christmas: both the festivity and the real meaning of Christ was born. We started early this year and decorating her Christmas tree was the first thing we did. We bought that Christmas tree 2 years ago when I was still pregnant with Abigail and because it’s about her size we decided to turn it to Abigail’s Christmas tree so she can decorate and play with it. Well she didn’t quite get the idea just yet but she was happy over the moon (and very very curious) when I unpacked our Christmas supplies we had from last years. She loved playing with the ornaments and tried really hard to hang them on to the Christmas tree, though often ended up in giving them to me and just let me hang them. Husband couldn’t join us this time because he’s currently working in remote area but next week he’ll be home and we can’t wait to have him around and have fun together in this Christmas time. I’m thinking of having a family Christmas tradition of our own, something that we’ll keep doing every Christmas. I can’t wait to share what we do later. Right now, I’m working on some personal  DIY projects for Christmas decor around our house and I really need some extra power to really finish them in between my mama chores.

So, let’s get ready for Christmas!