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Our first family holiday


A few weeks ago we went to Singapore for a quick getaway. It was our first holiday with Abigail and facts revealed that she was a very good little traveller. No fuss, no hassle and she was all happy. However, travelling with a baby also means that we have to adjust our pace and make a few stops to sit and give her food, snacks, and to breastfeed her. Also, visits to kids attractions were on our itinerary because we wanted her to enjoy this holiday. We wanted her to find that this world we’re living is full of wondrous and beautiful things. We had some family dates to bookstore, cafes, vintage stores, and ikea. We also really enjoyed our time strolling around the neighbourhood and observed how the local lives. It goes without saying that holiday is a very special time to bond with the whole family, to escape a while from our mundane day-to-day routine. Ah, I’m now craving for more and more holidays. Anyway, I hope you had a good time, too! x

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Last Weekend

We spent our weekend in Semarang with my parents, sister and cousin. Our main purpose was to update my ID card and to report residence change (I’m still registered as a Semarang resident). However, we also took the chance to explore the city since it was Husband’s first time, and to have quality time with my parents. Little brother couldn’t join us because he had school stuff that he couldn’t leave. Well, my parents now live in Semarang because of my papa’s job and I spent my senior high years in this city, too, so I’m quite familiar with this city. But don’t ask me for direction, because I’m almost sure we’ll get lost. I haven’t been in this city for quite long, if that makes sense. It used to be my home, though, and now my home is my husband. tee hee.. Anyways, we had great time, it was a veryyyy nice weekend getaway. Lots and lots of chats and laughs and foods (oops!). This pregnant lady was very well fed.

And speaking of getaway, I actually really crave for one more holiday before baby arrives (I think it’s called.. babymoon?) but Husband doesn’t approve, still. I keep trying to convince Husband that short haul flight and a week of holiday wouldn’t be a problem to us (the baby and I) but my man is the wariest person around this time, though I secretly love that. He once said “okay we can have holiday”. That was quite a surprise to me. But then he continued “I’ll take a leave for a week and we can go anywhere you like…… around Jakarta! Or we can just get lazy at home for a week.” He considered this as brilliant idea! And I nodded in desperation. Oh my man.

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Long Weekend, Yeaayy!

I don’t know about you but I feel like this week has been going so fast. Following our clothing line being launched is a big set of to do list which makes me quite busier than usual. That’s probably why I’m feeling a bit lost track of time. But I’m very happy and excited to do everything. Ticking off things on the to do list feels great and it gives a huge relief. It’s been really fascinating and challenging so far.

Anyway today is public holiday, it’s time to relax a bit. I just got back from badminton with Husband and brother (it’s them who played, I just sat down waiting for them, sigh). We’re going to do a major house cleaning in a bit. I’m also planning to bake cookies (finally figured out how to use the oven, yay!) but it seems we’re going to fail this plan because there are still a lot of things to do today.

Another happy thing is.. I’m currently so much on a holiday state of mind as tomorrow we’re going to Singapore for a short escape, yay! I really really need this short vacation and so glad that Husband grant my wish. Any recommendation for cool places to visit? Thanks for sharing.

Husband got a severe headache seeing me so giddy and confused about the clothes I’m going to throw as my holiday outfits. My wardrobe is really a mess at the moment I don’t feel like going in there (it takes an hour every morning to dig on clothes in my messy wardrobe). I end up with a lot of pieces with shocking-bright-colours to pair with and he had no choice to say no (or maybe he’s just lazy to respond to me, haha).

Andddd.. I’m now on Instagram,woohoo! Above are some of my pictures, find more at hannasiahaan. See you later, alligators! x