Start them young

So when I was pregnant with Abigail I was really big on buying books. I really wanted Abigail to be fond of books since early age (unlike me). And thankfully, now she is an avid reader. This keen of reading just grows in her although she can’t read yet. She asks us to read to her while she enjoys seeing the pictures and listening to the stories. There are days when she only wants us to read for her, six to seven books, all day. And those are the days I, as her mother, would like to escape. Well if I’m being selfish, I have lots of things to do, too. Also, she always comes up with unexpected questions that’s not even in the story. And as you may all know, four year olds and their endless questions are….. err… I just have no word for this. However, almost all the time, I couldn’t say no to this little reader of mine. Books are good for them.

So with the same hope that Benaya will also keen on books, I have started giving and reading him books, too. Most of the time I read books Abigail picked to Benaya and Abigail. But these are baby books of my recommendation.

The very hungry caterpillar, Eric Carle. I love this book, and the illustration. Eric Carle is my favourite. And this particular book I think is the best of all other books. The story is so simple and the colourful illustration really gets me. So far this is Benaya’s most favourite. Abigail also loves this one.

Black and white, Jane Foster. This book contains image in black and white on one side, and pattern in colours on another side. High contrasting book is very good to stimulate baby’s vision.

Oh the places we’ll go, Dr Seuss. My most favourite one. I read this over and over again when I was pregnant with both Abigail and Benaya. It contains words of motivation and those words are in rhymes, very typical of Dr Seuss’ books. Rhymed sentences are good for babies, too. Well yes, this is children’s book but I find it’s good for adults, too. Adults need reminder, too.

My dreams, Xavier Deneux. This one is good to stimulate baby’s vision, pictures are in high contrasting colours (black, white, some red and green) with glow in the dark surprises. It also has story inside. This book is Benaya’s second favourite.

Baby’s first soft book by Wee Gallery. It’s a concertina soft book. It contains images only, in black and white. It really helps during tummy time and well, soft book stimulates babies’ sensory as they are practicing their grabbing and holding skill.

Guess how much I love you, Sam Mc Bratney. “I love you to the moon and back!” is the most used phrase to express love and it’s actually from this book. Abigail really loves this book. I love it, too!

Good night moon, Margaret Wisebrown (illustrations by Clement Hurd). It’s a bedtime book. The story is as simple as saying good night to everything that’s in the room. This book encourages kids recognise things in their surrounding. It will also be more fun by saying good night to the stuff in our kids’ own room.

One thousand things, Anna Köveces. This book contains mostly of pictures. I’m very fond of the illustrations, the choice of colours, and everything. Well, Anna Kövecses is brilliant in picking and putting colours together. She’s one of my favourite.

Who’s there, Alain Crozon. It’s an interactive flip flap book with surprises inside. Basically kids are to guess what’s inside each pictures. Again, I love the pictures and colours.

Those are a few of our favourites. Some of them I bought online on The Book Depository or Open Trolley. Some are from any bookstores I visited. Fingers crossed Benaya will love books. It’s just our job to stimulate from early age. and cheers to little readers!


Books for Baby & Mama


“Good habits should start as early as possible” that’s what I always keep in mind. I really really wish my children would be fond of books since early age (I didn’t start very early, quite honestly). Whether they only love seeing the pictures or they are already able to read, it doesn’t really matter. We, parents, have to invest in good books. And I have this secret dream that Husband and I will take turn reading bedtime stories to our children. haha. So, those are the books I’m currently eyeing on. (Oh how I wish Amazon offered free shipping cost to Indonesia. Haha.)

And I add some books for me, too. Tee hee.. Because I’m currently thirst for inspiration.

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Recent Favourite

Here’s to sum up my recent favourite: getting nail art/polish, cooking (sometimes if I’m a bit lucky, Husband would join and help me, but that’s only when I’m lucky. le sigh. But seeing him content with my cooking would do me more than happy, too!), last but not least.. sewing and learning patterns in the book from the course. I believe that the best way to deal with this life is to enjoy it just as it is. I want to be that kind of person who can always find joy and happiness and the simplest things in life. Anyway, Happy Monday! Happy working! x

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New Books

I’m so happy that my sister is back, she arrived last Saturday. And I guess my mini library  is just as happy as I am, because my sister brought me some books, too! Those books are exactly what I need at the moment. I can’t wait to learn and apply new patterns in the Colette Sewing Handbook. It’s perfect, I knew it just as I touched the cover (slight exaggeration, haha). But seriously, this book has all the useful tips for new sewist and pattern maker, that is me. And I’m immensely delighted by that book at the bottom right. It has a lot of funny and useful tips that was decorated with kitsch and chic illustration by Fifi Lapin herself. Well, the kid side in me just can’t get enough of illustration. Looking at pictures and illustrations makes me happy! I found that it can boost my being in a rather bad mood. uhm, I feel like beguiling in those good books today. Have a good day, friends! x

p.s. I just created an instajelly account to preview my instagram pics on a personal computer. My account name is hannasiahaan, or you can click here.


Current Reading List

I just added a couple of books into our mini library for me to read. Those are a few who are waiting in line to be read. Last year was a crazy packed one for me, I barely had my me-time to nurture my hobbies and enjoy myself. However, this year, I’ve set a goal or target to read more and more books (at least finishing those pile of books I bought last year). It’s that awesome feeling to flick through the pages, dream myself while reading, contented with the emotion in the story, engage with endless curiosity, and feel relieve at last as I arrive on the last page. Reading books really allow my imagination to go wild and explore things that matter to my mind.

Anyway, last week was quite a whirlwind. Hope this week ahead will be a happy happy one. Have a good Monday and wonderful week, readers! x