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Our Third Date of Christmas


We made pancakes for breakfast! My husband is a sucker for pancake. And me, I love making pancakes for many reasons: easy to make and quick. In addition to that, it won’t make me create a big mess in our kitchen as per usual. (Okay, to tell you the truth, I hate doing the dishes after cooking). And the thing about Nutella, it’s the staple thing in our house. x

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Husband’s Birthday Weekend

Well, before we start let me tell you that arranging a surprise for your loved one when you two are married, live in the same house with no one else you can team up with and ask for help… is difficult. And it’s extra difficult if the birthday falls on Sunday in which the day before (Saturday) you got to spend time together. I sure knew that Husband has smelled something fishy on Saturday evening when I insisted that I had to go out myself without him with no reason (I needed to buy the birthday cake). Haha. When I got back home and hid the cake, I saw a smile was plastered on his face, like he knew something. But I didn’t care and kept going.

Thank God he has already been asleep on Saturday night so I could wake him up at 00.01 am (the next day) to give him Happy Birthday kiss and let him blow the birthday candles. A few days before, I worked on a pop up birthday card for him and really happy with the results. I really wished it was going to be a really good surprise for him… until he revealed that he found the card somewhere in the house just the day before… Which made me sad! But worry not, he gave a very positive comment on the card and I took that as a compliment. Right after the candles blowing, we prayed and ate the cake in the middle of the night until we’re full.

The next morning, we had a stack of pancakes with nutella for birthday breakfast, went to church, and held a birthday lunch with our family. It was a really good weekend.

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Recent Favourite

Here’s to sum up my recent favourite: getting nail art/polish, cooking (sometimes if I’m a bit lucky, Husband would join and help me, but that’s only when I’m lucky. le sigh. But seeing him content with my cooking would do me more than happy, too!), last but not least.. sewing and learning patterns in the book from the course. I believe that the best way to deal with this life is to enjoy it just as it is. I want to be that kind of person who can always find joy and happiness and the simplest things in life. Anyway, Happy Monday! Happy working! x

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Healthy Eating Project

My most favourite time of everyday is cooking for my husband! haha. Well, honestly I don’t cook three times a day. What an effort because it generally takes 1 hour for one cooking session (and we will likely finish the meal less than half an hour, haha). Husband doesn’t like big meal for breakfast. That’s good for me because I don’t have to cook in early morning, yay! So usually I cook twice a day (in the afternoon for my lunch and late afternoon for our dinner). Recently, we are up to healthy lifestyle. We assumed healthy eating would make a good start so vegetables dishes always top our kitchen menu. My favourite vegetables are pictured above, broccoli and carrot. I’m really into simple and easy cooking and what I usually do is sauteing them altogether with simple seasoning. Quick and easy! haha. Cooking for vegetables is easy yet tricky. I should make up my mind for vegetables dishes variation in order to make tummy happy, healthiness assured and kitchen lively. Anyway, happy Friday! Weekend is just around the corner, yay!

p.s. I’m writing again for my other blog macarons and cupcakes. x

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Devil Cake

Who knows I actually woke up earlier than usual (6.30 am) this morning and baked a devil cake, out of the blue! And the result was really satisfactory, both the taste and the appearance. Oh I love being spontaneous. A couple days ago I also made a tiramisu but well, it didn’t turn out very good. The taste was fine but the texture and appearance, NO! anyway, back to the devil cake.. although it isn’t seen in the picture, this cake comprises double layer of chocolate cake, and I spread quite some chocolate frosting in between. I love the spongy and chewy but firm texture of the cake unlike the rainbow cake I made before which was much more brittle. Anyway, today really is a productive day, I love! Have a good day!