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Our Home Decorated with Plants


Wow, 3 months not posting! It actually marked the longest pause in this blog’s history. So, how’s everybody been up to?

It turned out juggling between business and household thingy (as a wife and a mother) had tied me up. I really had no time for anything else. So besides neglecting this blog and my hobby (crocheting), our house was pretty much neglected too during the first few months of our store opening. However, a few weeks ago we hired a store manager because I thought Abigail needed to stay at home more. I had no babysitter and I had to take her everyday to work with me all day, which in my opinion didn’t do any good for her. It’s all about take and give. My husband also said that having a store manager would be good for the scalability of the business. After a while, I was a bit loose and able to spend more time at home and did our regular stuff with Abigail. Now I still visit the store everyday but do not spend all day.

As always when I’m at home, everything’s always changing. My husband and I are currently hooked into organic home so we’ve been adding more greeneries to our space. We love this idea, indeed! Well yes, it’s not at all easy dealing with plants. We’re still learning. Hopefully, we won’t kill them too soon (because not killing them forever sounds too cliché). Having living plants at home has actually made us appreciate the Earth. We hope we take care of them well enough. Not only do these plants give feast to the eyes, some of them even function as air purifiers. They also make the whole apartment look and feel really fresh.

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Green Obsession


I don’t really know how it even begins. I mean all this having room decorated with greeneries idea. In case you don’t already know, I never really ‘click’ with plants before. There wasn’t any successful experience in any plant nurturing trial. Not a single cactus I bought actually grew well. So I quickly judged myself that I’m not one gifted with the knack of taking good care of plants. However, time can change almost anyone. Haha. Probably it’s the matter of getting old (I used to stereotype grown-up people are best friends of plants. At least that’s what I perceive from my grandparents and parents. They are really good with plants), or maybe because it’s what’s on the latest trend. Because in fact, I’m drooling over those pretty pictures of green rooms at people’s houses/apartments/offices. So, my husband has been well informed that on our next schedule of apartment’s redecorating, I’m so gonna install plants everywhere around our place. He completely agreed from the very beginning! So, here are some inspiration I got from pinterest. Aren’t they pretty?!



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Linoluna is open!


Finally all those sleepless nights paid off. The weeks and days prior to the opening were not easy for us and the fact that I was never really good at handling stress prior to deadlines just made it even worse. However, we’re so thankful that we have a great support system from both sides of our families. Their helping hands meant so much to us, especially when my husband was not in town because he was on duty and I had this 2 year old girl in tow that needed all my attention. We couldn’t have done this without them.

So, we’ve participated several times in events/ bazaars and after seeing how things went, we’re challenged to open a permanent store. Thus, a few months back we made a decision to open one. We know that this will change our life a lot in both good and bad ways but we are passionate about this business and hopefully this little thing called passion will keep us going even when things get rough.

Just like everything in life, this teeny tiny shop is and will forever be a work in progress. We hope you’ll always be inspired.

Please come visit our store:


Lippo Mall Kemang LG-26
Jl Pangeran Antasari no 36
Jakarta Selatan 12150

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July picks: Grid obsession


1. Modern Decorative Pillow, LoveJoyCreate // 2. Children’s Apron, Pink and Black Grid, RadishBalloon // 3. Cactus Art Print, SeventyTree // 4. Rifle Paper Co. Graph Notepad, Linoluna // 5. MT Hougan Washi Tape, Gudily // 6. Grid Stripe Tea Towel, Leif // 7. Vintage Girl’s Dress, diaphanousvintage // 8. Nice Socks Grid, niceniceniceDE // 9.  Grid Baby Moccasins, ullaviggo

It’s legit! I’m currently obsessed with anything that comes in grid pattern so picks of this month must be all about grid. Grid and stripes are my all time favourite patterns.