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Oh hello, March!

Hello March! We started this month setting up a tiny corner in our study room for Abigail’s toys and stuff. Those stuff were previously up in bookshelves that practically was out of her reach. Husband and I want to encourage her to have more independent-play and to be more independent by taking the toys and books her own (instead of …

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Hello 2015!

Happy new year from us! Sorry for being so late, these past few days I’ve been quite busy with stuff. But better late than never, right?! Last year was such a roller coaster to our little family. We’re grateful for everything, all the ups and downs and that God never love us less. So, we’re …

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Family of three photo shoot

We’ve actually always wanted to have a family photo session taken at our home since Abigail was a baby. But we waited until she’s just a little bigger in hope that she would understand. So, a few weeks back we finally had that family photo session at home with our favourite photographer, Damon, from Lighthouse …

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