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Oh hello, March!


Hello March! We started this month setting up a tiny corner in our study room for Abigail’s toys and stuff. Those stuff were previously up in bookshelves that practically was out of her reach. Husband and I want to encourage her to have more independent-play and to be more independent by taking the toys and books her own (instead of asking us to take them), also to teach her about tidying up after playing. She still forgets most of the times, but we want her to practice it more and more until it becomes a habit (hopeful thinking!) And those pictures were taken from when she just woke up from a good long nap, thus the post-nap hair. The view of her playing happily is always a nice treat to me.

Abigail will turn 2 by the end of this month and I’m preparing something for her friends at school and home. No, we’re not having a fancy birthday celebration but I just want something special for her and her friends. For Easter celebration at school, there will be a costume parade. I get excited about what I’m going to make for her this time. There are a few ideas but I still haven’t decided which one. And not to forget, Linoluna is preparing for a bazaar this month, too. So, this is a crazyyyy busy month! It feels millionth times busy with a toddler who wants me playing with her all the timeeee, and needs only short naps. I do need a good time management and a longer nights for me to work. Haha! Catch you later, good fellas!


Hello 2015!


Happy new year from us!

Sorry for being so late, these past few days I’ve been quite busy with stuff. But better late than never, right?! Last year was such a roller coaster to our little family. We’re grateful for everything, all the ups and downs and that God never love us less. So, we’re ready to step into this new year with positive hopes.

I’m not setting extraordinary goals for this year, but rather to cherish every moment, find joy in simple things, be present, and celebrate life on daily basis. well, simply make the most of everyday. As a family, we wish to explore more of what we have in our surrounding and be adventurous! Oh, I like that word.. adventurous. Haha. I hope you’ll have great ride throughout this year!


My kind of books


Back in those days when I wasn’t a mama yet, I really loved reading books (as in novels). And ever since I’m a mama, I’ve tried to read a few books but I just never really finished them. Well, probably it’s just me who show more commitment to reading. I still love reading, though (as in blogs, news, magazines, articles online besides children’s books). However, these days, I prefer books or any materials that can boost creativity (I’m talking about creative ideas with pretty colours, tutorials, tips and trick) as they are much more exciting, more applicable and less time-consuming. And I’ve found that they are quite a mind-therapy to me. Well, at least for now. So yes, books above are now hanging on my wish list. I’ll probably add them as my next year’s book buys. I’m still hoping to get back to reading real books but in the meantime those books above will do enough.


Family of three photo shoot









We’ve actually always wanted to have a family photo session taken at our home since Abigail was a baby. But we waited until she’s just a little bigger in hope that she would understand. So, a few weeks back we finally had that family photo session at home with our favourite photographer, Damon, from Lighthouse Photography. This photo session refreshed my memory a bit of when we had our prewedding photo session (also with Lighthouse) but this time with a new little member in our family, Abigail. Shooting with a 1 year old turned out to be very challenging in our experience. Haha. We needed to keep her happy and entertained. And you know, asking her to look at the camera to give her best smile was a tough job one. I don’t know if any kid is the same but Abigail was very friendly to camera when she was a little baby, until she crawled and now she walks. Since then, she has always been busy with her own stuff and asking her to look at the camera almost always means running to and grabbing the camera. I guess, she already has her own mind. So what actually happened during the photo session: mama and papa must be ready for camera alwaysss and the photographer took continuous shots and just let my baby improvised. Haha. The session took 6 hours long, from 10 am to 4 pm and Abigail was napping, watching Barneys/Hi5, having her lunch and snacks in between. Because otherwise, she would get very cranky. And anyway, despite the challenges, we had a good time. Looking at the results makes me cherish my family even more. God, do I love my little family. x

Family Travel

Brunch, shall we?








Yesterday was public holiday and we were happy that it was on Wednesday. We are usually very tied up on weekends that we don’t really have time for just the three of us going out somewhere nice. Since we had nothing much on our schedule, yesterday we decided to have brunch. It was a very good decision to start the day, especially with the fact that mornings around our house are usually overwhelming for this mama; messy house, baby’s crying for food, husband’s asking for this and that. Haha. So, yesterday was a good one.

We went to 1/15 Coffee. This cafe is very close to our apartment, within 5 mins walking (my walking pace is moderate a.k.a not very fast, fyi). This was my third time there, but husband was a first timer. Haha. We are not really into coffee but we liked this place; the ambiance, the food and the interior design. This place got a strong character and taste and we liked it. And more importantly, Abigail liked the french toast. Haha. I think we should do more brunches in the future. Yes, husband?