Singapore snapshots with Lomo LC-A
















It’s been too long since I last played with my lomo. However, on our last holiday, I took this camera along and am now very excited to share the results! Truth is, I’m always an analog camera girl at heart. I remember those days I was obsessed with analog camera and polaroid. It was so obvious that it wasn’t difficult at all for my close people to decide on a present for me. I got toy cameras and all that stuff as presents for too many times. Haha. This one, however, is very special. It was from my then boyfriend 4 years ago (now husband, haha). I love it so dearly. And in fact, I always love the surprise an analog camera gives. In modern digital era where everything’s much simpler and more practical (there are even so many iphone apps that can make pictures more dramatic with their amazing filters), this little camera somewhat feels more original. And I really dig the surprise it gives even if it’s not good surprise all the time. I got dissappointed a few times,too. However, this time I’m quite happy with most of them. Not a single editing, can you believe?! Of course, I’m thankful for the sunshine and the weather of Singapore during our trip. Natural light and good amount of sunshine always give best result to almost any pictures!

Anyway, call me hipster, my favourite areas in Singapore are Tiong Bahru, Haji Lane and Tanjong Pagar. There are a lot of cool places around Tiong Bahru and Haji Lane. Nice restaurants and cafes, independent stores, murals, and photogenic spots. Well, there’s nothing much to see in Tanjong Pagar but I love the row of pretty shophouses. So where’s next? Looking forward to more adventures.


Singapore Zoo!







We spent our Saturday morning until afternoon around the Singapore Zoo. We took MRT and caught a bus to get there, which took about 1 hour journey. Abigail was crazy about animals and she would scream anytime she spotted animals she has known before. And she likes to point at one animal in a book, asking me to say the name of that animal and she would repeat after me. It’s very cute of her, honestly. We previously contemplated on going to Universal Studio Singapore or to the Singapore Zoo. But after studying her curiosity about animals all this time, we decided with the latter. So, taking her to the zoo was a very spot-on idea, indeed! Will save Universal Studio (or any theme park) for later.

I’m not a fan of animals myself (haha, you know right!)  but I was so amazed with the animals I’ve never seen before with naked-eyes. Among a few of them are: Flamingo, Polar Bear, Penguin, and Koala. It was a good trip for all of us and we already make plans to visit the ones we have near Jakarta, where we live.


Singapore Jaunt











We just got back from Singapore for a quick getaway. Despite being a short one, the holiday was very much enjoyed (well, with some frustrations here and there. haha). We braved ourselves for not taking Abigail’s stroller and carrier, which turned out to be a bad bad idea because she preferred to be carried most of the time and our arms got really tired. Abigail realised that we were away from home (and out of country) and she was excited with the whole trip.  The last time we took holiday abroad was last year and she wasn’t really aware of her surroundings.

This trip was actually mix of business and pleasure. We went to do some research for Linoluna’s very soon-to-open physical store (whoop! There I tell you!) so our schedule was a little bit packed. However, it was still a holiday for us because we had fun. We got to visit some cool places around and played tourist! Haha. Also, my sister currently lives here for a work assignment and it was so nice having her around.

I love Singapore for the way they mix modern and vintage very perfectly, which was seen well from the buildings and city architecture. I love the vibrant and colourful houses. I love every hustle and bustle of this city.


Travel essentials


I’m not a light traveller as much as I want to admit that I am. Light-packing was the skill I wished to master long before I had Abigail. And now that I’m a mother, it sounds even more impossible. I’m that kind of  “I just have to bring everything” mama.

So, here are a few things of my travel essentials. The things that I wear and I put in my backpack. So what I always take along as well but not pictured are: diapers, 2 sets of changing clothes for Abigail, wet tissue, wallet, and hat. Abigail has her own bag for her stuff like toys and food.


We’re going for a little adventure this coming weekend and we’re so thrilled!


Abigail on a train





Upon deciding whether to travel by plane or by train , I had a few doubts on the latter at that time with Abigail. Firstly, it was just a few days after her being weaned and she was not in her best mood during those days. Secondly, she was at her most active age and got bored quite easily. However, we gave this train idea a go anyway. Abigail is crazy about Choo Choo train she always screams in excitement every time she finds Choo Choo anywhere around. Thus, she was so excited and surprised. We took a morning train from Jakarta to Semarang. It was a 5.5 hours journey. And it was a night train when we got back to Jakarta from Yogyakarta, which took about 6 hours. Abigail slept half of the journey on the morning train and she slept through the night we we got back to Jakarta.

Abigail is an easy little traveller so far, I hope I don’t jinx it. She loves when we’re on a journey anywhere. Even a car journey is enjoyable enough to her. Haha! In the beginning of the year we took her on a 12-hour car journey to Cilacap and to my surprise, it was almost hassle-free. She enjoyed it. She got bored easily when we’re at home, in a restaurant, in a shopping mall, and anywhere (except playground) but not on a journey. Haha. As long as we have enough snacks and bring her latest favourite toys, she will be good.

I hope as she grows, she becomes adventurous and fond of travelling. Because travelling makes us rich in experience, indeed.