Short Getaway to Central Java







Last week we went to Semarang and Yogyakarta for a short getaway. I used to live in Semarang and my parents have a house in Semarang (although they’re now living in Jakarta) and we thought it was a good idea to take Abigail to explore around my hometown for three years. We took train from Jakarta to Semarang and stayed in the city for two nights. After that we headed to Yogyakarta (and stopped by Candi Borobudur because it is located between Semarang and Yogyakarta). We stayed in Yogyakarta for 1 night only.

Abigail is crazy about Choo-Choo train these days and she got really really excited with the fact that we’re taking train. I always love travelling and going for a little adventure with my family. Well yes, we can’t expect things will all go smooth (talking about travelling with toddler) but we learn a lot from the experiences. And overall, Abigail is quite an easy traveller. Sometimes it’s just me who worries too much. She got along quite well with the new places, new atmosphere, etc. Well, wherever the destination, it’s most important that we enjoy the trip and had a good time as a family.

Indonesia Travel

New Year getaway


We spent the New Year Holiday with my in laws in Bandung. Going to Bandung always feels like holiday to me. You know, the weather, culinary treats and all. I’m all tourist whenever I’m here even though I actually lived here for a couple of years for my university, my husband grew up here and my in laws live here. I love Bandung for the green places and nice restaurants. Abigail is a happy kid in green places. Happily running around the open space, touching things, and exploring. She just can’t be stopped. And I love that kind of free spirit of hers. Of course, we wouldn’t want to miss the chance of visiting nice restaurant whenever we’re around. This time we went to Miss Bee Providore. We loved this place, especially Abigail. She loved being here so much, probably because it has a nice playground and green space. Those two are perfect combinations to make her happy.

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Last week Michael took a few days off from work and we went to Bandung to visit my in-laws and my brother who just started university there. Besides catching up and spending time with families, we also took this opportunity exploring Bandung, trying out new restaurants (there are lots of them!) and going to flower nurseries in Lembang. We had soooo much fun. We need more holiday like this, well who doesn’t, anyway? Haha.

London Travel

Hampstead Heath








During our stay in England, we tried as much as possible to avoid crowds which we believed they wouldn’t be kids and parents’ friendly. Visiting green places was our priority. Luckily, we stayed not very far from Hampstead and since the heath was quite famous, we gave this place a go. The sun was in full force on our last day in England and when we visited Hampstead. However, the heat was too much even for a Jakartan like me, I couldn’t take it. Haha. Fortunately, there happened to be a food fest when we arrived, not something we’ve expected before but we were happy and giddy with so many food stalls to choose. There was Masterchef food truck and the burger was oh so yummy! It turned out to be very crowded later in the day, anyway. We were lucky to arrive quite early when there were not so many people yet and we left the area when more and more people are coming. And we took some time to explore this huge heath and it was a shame that we got lost inside. Haha. The heath was very pretty. There were some spots that gave a good view of London and its building. And people are chilling out and having a laid-back time: having a picnic, reading, playing with their kids, dog-watching, etc. We also walked through the Hampstead Village neighbourhood. The village brought the English countryside vibe and I was really in love with its prettiness. I was actually aiming for the Hampstead creperie because everybody is making fuss about it (you can see the creperie stall last in the picture). I forgot to take a picture of this crepe because I’ve savoured it fast as soon as I got it. And I loved loved this crepe! Probably one of the best I’ve tried.

Abigail was sleeping most of the time, again. She missed all the good food. Haha. But never mind, we would hopefully come back again some time in the future. Fingers crossed. Haha. x

London Travel

Our little date in Notting Hill









It was a one-fine-day and we spent all afternoon strolling around our favourite neighbourhood in London: Notting Hill. I’ve been a huge fan the movie since high school. I watched it over and over again and never get bored. Haha. But we didn’t go to famous the book store, anyway. We just walked aimlessly. Enjoying the nice weather, view of pretty and colourful houses, vintage cars park in front of beautiful houses, ‘eye-candies’ window displays. And we stopped by the famous Ottolenghi restaurant because cool people went there and we were just curious. And we surprisingly loved the food! (and I loved the sweet treats, of course). Portobello Road Market was within walking distance from Notting Hill. We loved the vibrant atmosphere and I was euphoric with the view of antique stores along the road.

Abigail was sleeping most of the time while we were there. So we can call it a date for both of us, husband and I. We were talking, dreaming and making silly jokes as we walked aimlessly and explored the area. We couldn’t thank Abigail enough for allowing us to have a quality time in such pretty place. Just what we needed. x