And now there are two!

Well hellooooooooo!!

I haven’t been writing for way too long! It’s been a year, seriously?! I miss writing a lot and I just got this blog back so here’s to hope I’ll be here writing regularly. Many things have happened this past year while I was away from this blog. First thing first, we just added a new member to our family! Abigail has a little brother now. Our second-born was named Benaya Elias Hutagalung, we just call him Benaya. He was born on 5 April 2017, so he is two month young now. It’s quite challenging now that there are two kids in the house but double the trouble means double the fun, too! Abigail is so smitten with her little brother. She likes to bombard Benaya with so many kisses and hugs everyday that it annoys him sometimes. She is also such a good help and a very protective big sister! I love seeing the bond that’s already forming between these two and can’t wait to see them grow up together. Oh well yes, I’m fully aware of sibling war that might attack soon, too.

That’s it for now, I need to leave home and pick up Abigail from school now. Next post I’ll write about Benaya’s birth story. See ya!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


It’s not very late to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, isn’t it?! I just got time to write here, so anyway..

We’re very grateful for what 2015 had for us. It was quite a ride to be honest, not all rainbows and butterflies but we’re thankful for the ups and downs, simply for everything. Well yes, Linoluna’s brick and mortar store was the highlight of 2015 for us. However, there’s something more that we were actually thankful for. It’s our faith in God. Last year God taught us the hard way about letting go our own ego, about surrendering, and being present. It’s not easy if not impossible. God has been good through all the things, our faith is strengthened. Our way of seeing things is changed, for the better.

I don’t know what God has for us this year and next years, but we want to feel Him more, listen to Him more, and connect to Him more. Whatever the future will offer, we are not alone. Whether we’re facing good or bad times, the Lord is with us. Well yes, there are some goals or dreams or whatever you name them that we want to achieve this year but we hope we make decisions that align with His will.

God bless us all! Happy New Year!

Home & Decor

Our Home Decorated with Plants


Wow, 3 months not posting! It actually marked the longest pause in this blog’s history. So, how’s everybody been up to?

It turned out juggling between business and household thingy (as a wife and a mother) had tied me up. I really had no time for anything else. So besides neglecting this blog and my hobby (crocheting), our house was pretty much neglected too during the first few months of our store opening. However, a few weeks ago we hired a store manager because I thought Abigail needed to stay at home more. I had no babysitter and I had to take her everyday to work with me all day, which in my opinion didn’t do any good for her. It’s all about take and give. My husband also said that having a store manager would be good for the scalability of the business. After a while, I was a bit loose and able to spend more time at home and did our regular stuff with Abigail. Now I still visit the store everyday but do not spend all day.

As always when I’m at home, everything’s always changing. My husband and I are currently hooked into organic home so we’ve been adding more greeneries to our space. We love this idea, indeed! Well yes, it’s not at all easy dealing with plants. We’re still learning. Hopefully, we won’t kill them too soon (because not killing them forever sounds too cliché). Having living plants at home has actually made us appreciate the Earth. We hope we take care of them well enough. Not only do these plants give feast to the eyes, some of them even function as air purifiers. They also make the whole apartment look and feel really fresh.

Home & Decor

Green Obsession


I don’t really know how it even begins. I mean all this having room decorated with greeneries idea. In case you don’t already know, I never really ‘click’ with plants before. There wasn’t any successful experience in any plant nurturing trial. Not a single cactus I bought actually grew well. So I quickly judged myself that I’m not one gifted with the knack of taking good care of plants. However, time can change almost anyone. Haha. Probably it’s the matter of getting old (I used to stereotype grown-up people are best friends of plants. At least that’s what I perceive from my grandparents and parents. They are really good with plants), or maybe because it’s what’s on the latest trend. Because in fact, I’m drooling over those pretty pictures of green rooms at people’s houses/apartments/offices. So, my husband has been well informed that on our next schedule of apartment’s redecorating, I’m so gonna install plants everywhere around our place. He completely agreed from the very beginning! So, here are some inspiration I got from pinterest. Aren’t they pretty?!