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She stopped nursing a month after her second birthday. It has been three weeks now. The first three days were very, very tough and emotional to me as her mama. Yes, it hurt but I remember fellow mamas told me that consistency was the key. Also, I must admit that my husband came as the biggest help too. He took her to sleep every night and tried every possible thing to distract her from nursing. And after those first three days, things got easier. It wasn’t as hard as I had imagined so I guess we were just ready for that.

And now she is able to sleep through the night. Also, she gains her eating appetite now. Even after big meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) she will ask for snacks. Note to me to always stock up the fridge. Haha!

She is a very chatty little girl (except when meeting new people). Our house just gets more lively although, yes, it gets more challenging as well. She is not an early talker, but it surprises me that this past week her vocabulary has been increasing very rapidly. Even some of the words are very, very clear. She just keeps trying to talk and communicate. I’m proud of her.

Also, it’s very interesting to see how her little personality grows. She says please when she wants a favour, and thank you afterwards. And mama’s heart melts just like that.

This 2 y.o is now more fun to play with. We have more play-pretend and crafting sessions together. She gains more interest and is able to engage in any activity longer than ever before.

Well, yes we’ve had bad days, too. And tantrums. My short-temper burst out quite a few times because I’m not a patient mama at all.  However, recently I’ve been trying to get her talk about what she wants and express her feelings. I’m glad she’s making progress. I also need to listen more. And trust me, a simple hug after each meltdown is the most relieving moment ever. She is very quick to forgive and as an adult, I need to learn a lot from my daughter’s little forgiving heart.

I love you, Abigail. I thank God that I’m your mama and you’re my daughter.

p.s Happy Mother’s Day to all wonderful mothers in this world.

Birthdays Motherhood

Abigail turns two!



Last week, my little girl turned two and we had a little celebration at home and school. I’m always sentimental about her birthday. She is my first, the one who made me a mama… A first time mama. I know that miracle is actually real whenever I look at her eyes. I’m happy that she is my daughter, I love her with all my beings.

So, happy birthday, Abigail! Realising that you’re not going to be my little baby forever is kind of sad to me. However, I’m so happy to see you grow happy and healthy. It melts my mama’s heart to see you explore and discover things. You are a good girl with such joy and spirit! I’m just so proud of you. I hope that as you grow, you’ll love life and find that this life is actually full of wondrous. May God always be with you. Mama and papa love you so much!

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Oh hello, March!


Hello March! We started this month setting up a tiny corner in our study room for Abigail’s toys and stuff. Those stuff were previously up in bookshelves that practically was out of her reach. Husband and I want to encourage her to have more independent-play and to be more independent by taking the toys and books her own (instead of asking us to take them), also to teach her about tidying up after playing. She still forgets most of the times, but we want her to practice it more and more until it becomes a habit (hopeful thinking!) And those pictures were taken from when she just woke up from a good long nap, thus the post-nap hair. The view of her playing happily is always a nice treat to me.

Abigail will turn 2 by the end of this month and I’m preparing something for her friends at school and home. No, we’re not having a fancy birthday celebration but I just want something special for her and her friends. For Easter celebration at school, there will be a costume parade. I get excited about what I’m going to make for her this time. There are a few ideas but I still haven’t decided which one. And not to forget, Linoluna is preparing for a bazaar this month, too. So, this is a crazyyyy busy month! It feels millionth times busy with a toddler who wants me playing with her all the timeeee, and needs only short naps. I do need a good time management and a longer nights for me to work. Haha! Catch you later, good fellas!


Abigail got new bangs


Last week Abigail got her very first haircut ever. And you can tell by the result who actually did the job?! Yes, us parents! Haha! My husband and I contemplated whether to take her to kids hairdresser or just to do it ourselves and we came up with the latter. She has new bangs now and it looks cute on her although, yes, I need to take her to a hairdresser to trim the uneven part one of these days.

I have this sweet little girl who likes having pictures with anybody she feels close to and when the camera is directed to her, she will instantly hug the one(s) she is with. A very warm, sweet, tight hug. Sometimes with sweet kisses on the cheek as a bonus. Well, I kiss and squeeze-hug her thousands times every day, but not really when taking pictures. So, I don’t know where she got this from. This is actually simple happiness to me, especially as a mother.


Some notes for this mama






The past week wasn’t an easy week. It was just no joke. This little girl didn’t agree to quite a few things I said, I got really mad, husband was on his 2 week duty out of town (glad he’ll be back in just a few days!) and I was really frustrated. I whined to my husband everyday about how stressful and exhausted I was with her behaviour those days. I felt lonely and let all the negativities strike in and bam! I cried. I thought it was too much and I just felt like crying. I know and we all know that not a single problem in this world can be solved by crying, but it is needed to release all the tensions once a while. And actually, after releasing all the tensions and letting go the negative vibes, I could slowly gather and get myself back by thinking clearly.

Trying to fix it, my gut told me to avoid malls or crowded places for a few days. So unless it’s school hours, we will just stay at home and play around our apartment neighbourhood. I’m trying to be more positive, engaged in her invitation to play, and be more involved. We hugged, kissed, sang songs, read books, cuddled, played together a lot more often. She is actually such a joy when I put the effort to connect with her. Things changed and we’ve spent most of these days without fuss. I kind of regret why didn’t realise it earlier though. However, I took at least two lessons from it. First, that mother-kids connection is very strong that kids can actually feel what we are feeling. She is miserable when I am also miserable, she is happy and I’m happy. A happy kid needs happier parents. Second, love and affection can work like magic in fixing things. Of course, I’m not saying this as a goodbye to bad days and bad moods. I’m a human being after all. Parenting challenges and struggles are still here and I don’t really know what kind of frustrations/meltdowns they have next in store. However, this will always be a reminder to me when things are out of control. My daughter sure teaches me to find simple joy in everyday life. She inspires me everyday. And I love her.